Raised intersections

Orion Paul and Jaguar Ashtiani


The purpose of a raised intersection is to get drivers to slow down and to alert them to pedestrian and bike priority. This intersection is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood of Rijswijk. Eastward is a major road, Prinses Beatrixlaan, and a major shopping center, In de Bogaard. Westward is more houses with a minor shopping center. Southward is a school and yet more houses. This was a good utilization of a raised intersection because both Prinses Irenelaan and Doctor Proelslaan are minor roads in residential areas. The raised intersection reinforces slow speeds and pedestrian priority, thus it follows sustainable safety. We noticed that cars generally slowed down on their approach to the intersection, and they yielded to bikes and pedestrians.

This is the location of the intersection:

Below are some pictures of the intersection

Prinses Irenelaan 1

Fig. 1 — The intersection looking eastbound on Prinses Irenelaan

Prinses Irenelaan 2

Fig. 2 — The intersection looking northbound on Doctor Poelslaan

Prinses Irenelaan 3

Fig. 3 — The intersection looking westbound on Prinses Irenelaan