SAGE Event: On Being Creative in the Workplace

On Tuesday, October 22, Scott Berkun, author of The Year Without Pants, discussed his book and his time at WordPress with a small group of University Scholars. He was wearing pants for the discussion – jeans, to be specific. He started with a brief presentation of what his job entailed at WordPress. Scott worked remotely […]

Far-Flung University Scholars: Vera Lee

The New York Times recently posted a series of photos from students who have traveled more than 50 miles to attend their university. International students make up 17% of our University Scholars contingent, while 83% of our group is from outside of New England. When these students come to Northeastern, they bring their stories with […]

Nobel Day

  by Faculty Fellow and Professor of Physics Darien Wood I was every excited to hear the big news today that the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs.  The prize recognizes work they did almost fifty years ago on the development of the Higgs mechanism which is responsible for giving […]

SAGE Event: Waters Speaks about Storytelling & Leadership

On Wednesday, September 25th, Second-Year University Scholars had the opportunity to hear from David Waters, the CEO of Community Servings, one of the nation’s leading nutritional programs for the critically ill. Waters spoke to our group about the work of Community Servings, as well as about the role that storytelling plays in his ability to […]