Mentoring & Advising

Chair of the Chemistry Department and Former University Scholars Faculty Mentor, Professor Graham Jones, with members of Northeastern's awarding-winning student chapter of the American Chemical Society.

A team of mentors assembled from key University leaders help guide and shape the Scholar's university experience.

The key to getting where you want to go is knowing where you want to go and that is easier said than done. That's why each Northeastern University Scholar works closely with a team of advisors to identify and ultimately design a tailored program that potentially spans colleges, departments, and global partner institutions to address each scholar’s unique academic goals and career aspirations, and advance their entrepreneurial ideas. In addition to their advisors in the Scholars Program,  each University Scholar has the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor as well as their advisors within the colleges and Honors Program.

THE FACULTY MENTOR. The core of any university is its faculty and at Northeastern, our faculty leaders are doing some of the best, most innovative research in the world. Each incoming Scholar has been paired with a faculty mentor in their field based on their declared interests. In addition to being well known for their contributions to human knowledge, these faculty members are well regarded within our community for sharing their intellectual passions with undergraduates as well as for their willingness to engage in two-way faculty-student learning and idea creation. Our goal is to help Scholars connect, in the classroom and outside of it, with faculty members who can support their personal, intellectual and career goals at Northeastern and beyond.

THE SCHOLARS ADVISING TEAM. Within the Scholars Program itself, the Director and Fellows meet regularly with the Scholars, as individuals and in groups, to discuss their intellectual interests, academic plans, career interests, personal aspirations and their ongoing experiences. These conversations help students take the steps today that can help students become who they want to be tomorrow and are critical in helping Scholars understand their educations not simply as hurdles to be cleared, but as opportunities to develop skills, explore ideas and immerse one's self in important projects. Every conversation also serves as a way for us to modulate and fine-tune our programming to meet our Scholars' needs and to help scholars develop their interests and abilities.  See the Scholars Advising Team.