Service Research Projects 2015-2016

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 the Scholars Program celebrated the completion of another fantastic year. In the Curry Ballroom, Scholars who participated in Scholars Service/Research Projects presented their posters to peers, faculty, and staff. Below you will find short videos produced by our servant leaders about their civic engagement.

Enabling Engineering seeks to use engineering technologies to build low-cost devices that can improve the lives of the elderly and individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. One of the main projects for this group was working on a spatial awareness technology for wheelchair users.

The DREAM Program works to pair university students with local communities to offer one-on-one mentoring for students. This CEP project worked with the DREAM Program to create a new survey for the organization and reviewing survey results to offer feedback on ways to enrich the mentor-mentee experience.

Citizen Schools seeks to encourage students to understand the power of individual voice and teach them skills that are important for community activism. The group works with 6th grade students at the Orchard Gardens Pilot School on topics such as root cause problem identification, lobbying, and effective usage of social media platforms.

Bits and Bots uses robotics to engage underserved students in STEM. The group teaches basic programming to students from 3rd to 8th grade and uses Lego EV3 Robots.

VISM looks to help university students connect with skill-based volunteering opportunities with nonprofits in order to foster a sustainable culture of service. Through an online platform, the group works to connect students with nonprofits that will be able to utilize their talents and students are able to have meaningful volunteer experience that will develop professional skills.

STEMventures strives to get children excited about science, technology, engineering and math through afterschool programming. The curriculum includes bridge building, forensics, the solar system, and catapults to engage students and show how exciting STEM can be.

The Southern Poverty Law Center at Norhteastern is a group that works to bring civil rights and social justice education to youth groups. The group uses SPLC's Teaching Tolerance curriculum to foster discussion and awareness about civil rights issues  including race, sex, gender, immigration, and refugee rights.

The Science Squad works with students in Boston and North Quincy in developing and executing their science projects. The group also serves as judges for school science fairs.

The Roxbury Tenants of Harvard CEP Research group worked to develop, preserve, and maintain safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income people of diverse backgrounds and to improve the quality of life for residents. They worked with their partner organization to reconceptualize and build a website that would integrate departments, provide resources and alerts for residents and staff, and connect people.

The Playground Project works to increase access to inclusive playgrounds in Boston. The group works with Boston Parks and Recreation, Roslindale Wants to Play, and Northeastern VP of City and Community Affairs John Tobin to create and transform playgrounds from simply being accessible to being truly inclusive.

Project FIT worked with ABCD Parker Hill/Fenway, South Boston Elderly, and Robert A. Georgine Tower to provide workshops for seniors on physical activity and mobility.The group combined physical activity to promote mobility with social interaction to encourage a holistic look at health.

Roxbury Rocks! seeks to expose children to free music and dance education. Roxbury Rocks! worked with students at the United South End Settlements to provide students of all ages with classes on instruments, vocals, and dance.

The Huskies for Journalism project works with the West Roxbury Academy to provide a journalism program for underserved schools in the community. Participation in extracurricular journalism programs have been shown to improved ACT scores, confidence, and college performance but many programs have been cut over the past decade due to budgetary concerns.