Announcing the 2016 SAGE Series

Each year, we offer a wonderful assortment of activities and workshops for Scholars as part of our SAGE Series, Identifying Skills, Accomplishments, and Goals for Enterprise. These workshops are designed as ways for Scholars to continue developing as leaders and thinkers, helping you assess your leadership capabilities, clarify your goals, forge new skills and relationships, and find a meaningful path forward. […]

Meet the New Faculty Fellow: Professor Paula Caligiuri

This year, we are pleased that the Professor Paula Caligiuri will be joining us as a Faculty Fellow. Professor Caligiuri is a D’Amore-McKim School of Business Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy where she researches and teaches in the area cultural agility and global leadership development. Named as one of the most prolific authors […]

Final Fall SAGE Event: Building the Scholars Cup

For our Final Fall 2013 SAGE Event (identifying Skills, Accomplishments, and Goals for Enterprise), Second-Year Scholars participated in a collaborative design process with a team of artisans and designers from the Diablo Glass School in nearby Roxbury. One group of 15 Scholars conceptualized the color of the piece, while the other group of 15 Scholars […]

SAGE Event: On Being Creative in the Workplace

On Tuesday, October 22, Scott Berkun, author of The Year Without Pants, discussed his book and his time at WordPress with a small group of University Scholars. He was wearing pants for the discussion – jeans, to be specific. He started with a brief presentation of what his job entailed at WordPress. Scott worked remotely […]

SAGE Event: Waters Speaks about Storytelling & Leadership

On Wednesday, September 25th, Second-Year University Scholars had the opportunity to hear from David Waters, the CEO of Community Servings, one of the nation’s leading nutritional programs for the critically ill. Waters spoke to our group about the work of Community Servings, as well as about the role that storytelling plays in his ability to […]