An Impossible Equation on the India Dialogue

By Lindsey Bressler, International Affairs and Economics, Class of 2018 In the dark, well-air conditioned room on Dr. Sheshagiri Rao’s farm, the setting is perfect for falling asleep. The other members of our Dialogue and I have seen better days, physically speaking. We smell like sunscreen, bug spray and jars of prescription medication. We just […]

A Reaction to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Rachel Mumma, COE ’18, reflects on her experience with the University Scholars Dialogue to Istanbul and Berlin. Standing in the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, Germany is a surreal experience. From the outside, all that can be seen is a field of gray slabs, each the approximate width and length of […]

Meeting Points

Mitchell Gallerstein COS’17 reports from South Africa, where he is studying abroad. Two weeks ago I went on a peninsula tour that took us to the Cape of Good Hope—the (almost) southernmost tip of Africa and the meeting point for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Standing on a 500-foot cliff overlooking this meeting point gave […]