Far-Flung University Scholars: Vera Lee

The New York Times recently posted a series of photos from students who have traveled more than 50 miles to attend their university. International students make up 17% of our University Scholars contingent, while 83% of our group is from outside of New England. When these students come to Northeastern, they bring their stories with them. In this series, we will hear from our Scholars about where they are from and why they were interested in studying here.

Vera Lee at home in Kazakhstan

Vera Lee at home in Kazakhstan

VERA LEE, class of 2017, International Business

Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan

When I was a middle school student I started occasionally thinking about going abroad for college, but it all seemed to be a faraway dream back then. Later during high school my parents and I seriously decided that I should go ahead and explore beyond the very limited education opportunities that my homeland had to offer. World-renowned high quality of American education as well as variety of its financing options for international students made me extremely willing to come to US to study. I found out about Northeastern accidentally, while talking to my brothers friend. But it was destiny! =) I am extremely happy I chose to come here! I am a big city person and Boston is so amazing at having everything that a city has to offer without being hectic and crazy. And Northeastern, in turn, is so amazing at giving me the opportunity to see the best of Boston within walking distance. Though I love Boston, I can’t wait to see more of the US and the World. And Northeastern, again, gives me such an opportunity in terms of co-ops all over the country and study abroad options. There are so many things here that remind me of my hometown, so I can always feel at home; at the same time everything is so different here that I am never bored.