Meet the New Faculty Fellow: Professor Hilary Poriss

Hello! I am delighted to be joining the University Scholars this fall as a Faculty Fellow and am excited to meet and get to know all of the students in the program. I am a music historian and I came to Northeastern in 2007 by way of a circuitous journey through Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, […]

The Co-op Report: Nathan VanBenschoten on Working at Tablelist

Scholar: Nathan VanBenschoten Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Hometown: Ivoryton, Connecticut Co-op: Lead Android Engineer at Tablelist   Opportunity is the single biggest gift one can receive. It is the foundation upon which, with hard work and complete dedication, goals can be reached and personal greatness can be achieved. These chances are often shrouded in difficulty and, as Thomas […]

Scholars Bressler and Straatman Attend Interfaith Leadership Forum

University Scholars Lindsey Bressler and Taylor Straatman recently attended an Interfaith Leadership Forum in New York City. Both Bressler and Straatman have been participating in a Scholars Independent Research Fellowship this summer to examine how public elementary school classrooms in Missouri and New York address the topic of religion. By hearing from multiple perspectives, teachers, […]

The Co-op Report: Rose Leopold on Working with Senator Warren

Our 2012 University Scholars cohort has just completed their first co-op. In this series of articles, we will feature some news from them about their experiences and what they learned.   Scholar: Rose Leopold Major: Political Science Hometown: Santa Cruz, California Co-Op: Legislative Intern in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Washington, D.C. Office Thank You, Northeastern! The […]