Senate Meeting Minutes – October 02, 2019

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting
October 02, 2019
1:45 pm – 3:00 pm
333 Curry Student Center 



1. Officer updates by the Executive Board

2. Student Organization Recognition

  • AI Skunkworks
  • Badminton at NEU
  • Student Nurse Anesthetist Association

3.  Questions by the Senate

4. Lunch



1. Officer updates by the Executive Board

a. President

The President welcomed all senators to the senate meeting and discussed the following:

  • CPS referendum
  • Referendum Committee

b. Vice President of Financial Affairs – Robert Hass 

  • Funding for graduate student groups, guidelines for funding
  • Finance Committee 

c. Vice President of Academic Affairs – Harshita Gupta 

  • LMSEC (Learning Management Environment Steering Committee) meeting, future goals
  • Academic Affairs Committee 

d. Vice President of Student Affairs – Deependra Singh

  • Student Affairs, CSI, Student organizations
  • Student Affairs Committee

e. Vice President of Programs and Operations – Karan Parikh 

  • Fall 2019 Welcome Brunch
  • Programs and Operations Volunteering Committee 

f.  Vice President of Marketing and Outreach – Divya Subbaian 

  • Social media, GSG representation in events, Regional Campus
  • Marketing and Outreach Committee 


2. Student Organization Recognition

a. AI Skunkworks

  • Presentation by President (Prabhu Subramanian) and Vice President (Ann Suhaimi) on mission, recruitment strategy and proposed events of the organization
  • Voting by the Senate
  • Result: Approved (96% senators voted yes)

b. Badminton at NEU

  • Presentation by President (Vi Le) on current state, mission, recruitment strategy and proposed events of the organization
  • Voting by the Senate
  • Result: Approved (87% senators voted yes)

c. Student Nurse Anesthetist Association

  • Presentation by President (Kelly Gallant) on Mission, strategy and proposed events of the organization
  • Voting by the Senate
  • Result: Approved (86% senators voted yes)


3. Questions by the Senate

  • What are the long-term plans of the approved student organizations?

Answer: Maintaining participation, ensuring future goals are set are worked on consistently

  • Who is the target audience for the approved student organizations?

Answer: The student organizations are open to all graduate students of Northeastern University

  • How do you ensure student organizations remain active?

Answer: Providing resources, participating in some events

  • How are funds used every academic year?

Answer: Funding to student groups, individual conference funding, events

  • How are funds allocated evenly to groups?

Answer: Every student group has access to a maximum of $5000 every year and by maintaining a maximum budget per student (for events), we work toward funding as many requests as possible without running out of funds


4. Lunch



The senate meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm by the President.



Meeting Attendance

S.NoNameHusky Email AddressCollege Committee
1Abhishek Sureshsuresh.ab@husky.neu.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach
2Akshay Biradarbiradar.a@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs
3Alan Downey-Walldowney-wall.a@husky.neu.eduCOS
4Ankita and Operations
5Anurag Shubhamshubham.a@husky.neu.eduKhouryPrograms and Operations
6Arjun Kailash Srinivasansrinivasan.arj@husky.neu.eduCOEPrograms and Operations
7Ashwin Singaramsingaram.a@husky.neu.eduCOE
8Bhavesh Thakkarthakkar.b@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs
9Binod Thapa-Chhetrythappachhetry.b@husky.neu.eduKhouryBudget Priorities, Financial Affairs, Student Affairs
10Crispin Sujith Cletuscletus.c@husky.neu.eduCOE
11Deependra Singhd.singh@northeastern.eduCOE
12Derrick Priorities, Financial Affairs,
13Dilan jacobjacob.d@husky.neu.eduCOEAcademic Affairs
14Divya Subbaiand.subbaian@northeastern.eduCOE
15Gagan Dep Prabhug.prabhu@northeastern.eduCOE
16Grishma Rathodrathod.g@husky.neu.eduBouve
17Hariessh Kumar Badrinarayananbadrinarayanan.h@husky.neu.eduKhouryReferendum
18Harshita Guptah.gupta@northeastern.eduCOE
19Huiyu Huanghuang.huiy@husky.neu.eduCOE
21Jugal shethsheth.ju@husky.neu.eduCOEReferendum
22Karan Parikhk.parikh@northeastern.eduCOE
23Kaushik Hollavaderhoblimadhavak.k@husky.neu.eduKhouryAcademic Affairs
24Kunj Mithaparamithapara.k@husky.neu.eduCOEStudent Affairs,
Financial Affairs
25Kush Sanjay Adhvaryuadhvaryu.k@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs
26Mandar Suryawanshisuryawanshi.m@husky.neu.eduCOE
27Miral Dalaldalal.m@husky.neu.eduCOEAcademic Affairs
28Mohamed Raashiedlnu.moh@husky.neu.eduCOE
29Mohit Masalkarmasalkar.m@husky.neu.eduCOE
30Mrugendra Manerikarmanerikar.m@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs
31Nitesh Tamoretamore.n@husky.neu.eduCOE
32Palash Chandrakarchandrakar.p@husky.neu.eduCOEBudget Priorities, Financial Affairs
33Parth Gadhavigadhavi.p@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs
34Prajakta Priorities, Student Affairs
35Praudeep Namakkal Balasubramaninamakkalbalasubram.p@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs, Student Affairs
36Praveen Jayasankarjayasankar.p@husky.neu.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach
37Prayag Patelpatel.pray@husky.neu.eduCOE
38Priyanka Milind Malpekarmalpekar.p@husky.neu.eduCOE
39Ritesh Pendurkarpendurkar.r@husky.neu.eduCOEPrograms and Operations
40Ritvik Vinodkumarvinodkumar.r@husky.neu.eduKhouryFinancial Affairs
41Robert Hassr.hass@northeastern.eduD'Amore-McKim Business
43Rusabh Chopdachopda.r@husky.neu.eduCOE
44Sai Praveen Nallurinalluri.s@husky.neu.eduCOEFinancial Affairs
45Sai Sreekar Siddulasiddula.s@husky.neu.eduCOE
46Sania Kotharikothari.san@husky.neu.eduBouve
47Sanket Pimplepimple.s@husky.neu.eduCOEAcademic Affairs
48Shamika Gogategogate.s@husky.neu.eduCOEReferendum
49Shashwata Pritam and Outreach
50Siddhi and Outreach
51Snehapriya Vallabhajosyulavallabhajosyula.s@husky.neu.eduCOSPrograms and Operations
52Sohan Pisepise.s@husky.neu.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach
53Srikar Vuppalanchivuppalanchi.s@husky.neu.eduCOEAcademic Affairs
54Suryanarayana Malladimalladi.s@husky.neu.eduCOEAcademic Affairs
55Tanay Bhagwatbhagwat.t@husky.neu.eduCOSStudent Affairs
56Tanvi Guravgurav.t@husky.neu.eduCOEPrograms and Operations
57Tyler Stittstitt.t@husky.neu.eduCAMD
58Vanita Panditpandit.v@husky.neu.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach
59Vijay Harisudan Sivasekarsivasekar.v@husky.neu.eduKhouryReferendum
60Xiaomeng Pengpeng.x@husky.neu.eduCOE
61Yatish Chandra Pittapitta.y@husky.neu.eduCOE