Academic Affairs Committee

About the Committee:

The GSG Academic Affairs Committee is a dedicated body that focuses on enhancing the academic experience of graduate students at Northeastern University.

Comprising student representatives from various departments and colleges, this committee works collaboratively with faculty, administrators, and the GSG by bridging the student-administration gap and to address academic concerns by facilitating swift resolutions and develop initiatives that promote educational excellence and enhance overall academic experience.

Chair : Rahul Gollapalli Ranganatha

Members : Nishitha Ramani, Chinta Nagabhushanam, Dhara Vasani



1. New Initiatives Brainstorming:

· Review the committee’s mission and objectives for the term

· Open the floor for senators to propose new ideas and initiatives to enhance the academic experience.

2. Collaborative Projects with College:

· Discuss opportunities to collaborate with all 9 College on academic-related projects or events.

· Explore ways to bridge the gap between students and administration for a more enriching academic environment.

· Consider ways to promote academic support services and resources.

· Identify common academic challenges faced by graduate students and brainstorm potential solutions.

3. Student Engagement and Outreach:

· Explore ideas for hosting academic-oriented events, workshops.

· Discuss methods to effectively communicate with the broader graduate student body.


Upcoming Events:

Two Days In-Person Resume Workshop (9/11 & 9/18)