Student Group By-laws


The purpose of these by-laws is to encourage Graduate Student Groups to actively participate with the GSG, promote programming for the GSG and graduate groups, and to increase over all graduate student involvement. These by-laws will define procedures by which engagement and communication between Graduate Student Groups and the GSG can grow in a manner that will work to benefit all graduate students. The Vice President of Student Affairs and the Vice President of Marketing and Outreach and their respective committees shall jointly supervise these by-laws.



To maintain good standing as a Graduate Student Group, groups will have the following responsibilities. Good standing indicates that the Graduate Student Group is eligible to applying for funding from the Graduate Student Government.

  1. Add any GSG relevant email addresses to their membership list serve
  2. Connect with the GSG on Social Media Platforms
  3. Provide a list of events to the GSG on a semester basis
  4. Graduate Student Groups shall participate in one GSG event per semester given that the GSG has notified Graduate Student Groups four to six weeks in advance
  5. Reflect GSG branding and logos on promotional materials for any GSG funded event as outlined in the Finance Committee Bylaws Section 7 Subsection E