Career Design

Career Design at Northeastern University is a process and an office dedicated to lifelong learning, offering tools, resources, and strategies to aid career development. It is centered around iterative design thinking, encouraging students to clarify goals, explore and test career options, develop personal branding, navigate networks, and reflect and recalibrate career paths.

Contact Information:

Address: 101 Stearns Center, 420 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA


Phone Number: 617-373-2430

To schedule in-person, phone, or virtual appointments, call the front desk at 617-373-2430 or email


Main Services and Resources:

Career Design Canvas: A platform for 24/7 self-paced instruction on career topics.

Career Studio: Offers one-on-one career conversations with Career Design staff. Includes in-person and virtual drop-in hours.

Advising and Coaching Appointments: In-depth individual consultations for currently enrolled students and alumni.

Experiential Learning Opportunities: Includes Forage job simulations, Paragon One for remote externship opportunities, and localized for connecting candidates with employers.

Career Resources: Access to NUworks for internship and employment opportunities, career guides, and tools like Big Interview and Resume AI.

Networking Tools: LinkedIn, NUSource, and NUworks for building professional connections.

Our Canvas course, which has modules on all career-related topics:

Our coaching lab schedule, which lists all our weekly virtual workshops:

Our calendar, which lists all our upcoming events (including employer-facing events):

Our Career Studio, which is both virtual and in-person, allows students a 20-minute meeting with a career counselor:

Important links:

1. Career Design Homepage: Career Design

2. Contact Page: Contact Information

3. Career Design Framework: Career Design Framework

4. Career Studio Page: Career Studio

5. NUworks (Job and Internship Listings): NUworks

6. Forage (Job Simulations): Forage

7. Paragon One (Remote Externship Opportunities): Paragon One

8. NUsource (Networking with Northeastern Alumni): NUSource

9. Big Interview (Interview Practice Platform): Big Interview

10. Career Design Canvas (Self-Paced Instruction Modules): Career Design Canvas

11. NU PLACE – DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility resources): NU PLACE – DEIA