Programs and Operations Committee

About the Committee:

The Programs and Operations Committee has a strong commitment to comprehending the requirements of the student body and addressing them effectively. The committee places a special emphasis on addressing the issues and requirements of graduate students, extending support in a comprehensive manner. Regarding operational aspects, the committee takes on the responsibility of orchestrating events aimed at fostering networking opportunities and enabling meaningful interactions among students from diverse disciplines, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging for all.

Chair : Brinda Raj L

Members : Rachana Ravi, Dana Bullister, Kavya HR, Dhanshree Gandhi, Hrishika Rakesh, Lynnette Dent.



  1. Planning and execution of GSG events.
  2. Fun events
  3. Career Fair
  4. Networking events
  5. Giveaways.
  6. Collaboration with all 9 colleges
  7. Networking events
  8. Alumni Networking