Senate Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2020

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting
February 15, 2020
2:15 pm – 3:45 pm
320 Shillman Hall 



1. Massachusetts State House Advocacy Trip

2. Special Committee

3. Updates from the VP of Programs and Operations-Karan Kamlesh Parikh

4. Updates from the VP of Financial Affairs-Robert Hass

5. Questions by the Senate

6. Lunch



The President welcomed all attendees to the senate meeting.

1. MA Statehouse Advocacy Trip

Gagan discussed the Massachusetts Graduate Federation and announced a Massachusetts Statehouse Advocacy trip scheduled for April 14th, 2020.

There are two ways Northeastern GSG can participate:

i. GSG can sign onto any/all the potential advocacy topics.

  • Fighting Sexual Misconduct on campus
  • Climate Change: Carbon Tax and Renewable Energy
  • Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program

Senators will vote to decide which topic Northeastern will advocate for.

ii. GSG can send students from Northeastern University Graduate community to participate in the visit.

Any graduate student can attend and represent their Graduate Student Council. Every individual will be responsible for the following:

  • Reading the above statements and feeling comfortable discussing them
  • Scheduling meetings with their representative and senator 2 weeks before the visit (either those representing where you live OR the district your school is in)
  • Attending a training in the morning of the visit day (Mandatory)
  • Each individual participant should email by March 25th

2. Special Committee 

The Executive Board plans to form a Special Committee of three representatives who will closely work with GSG.

i. External Affairs

ii. Special Events Representative

iii. IT Expert

This committee will be led by the President of GSG along with the VP of Marketing and Outreach and VP of Programs and Operations. For any further questions, contact-

3. Updates from the VP of Programs and Operations- Karan Kamlesh Parikh

Karan announced that the Spring 2020 Brunch is tentatively scheduled on 23rd March. Interested volunteers can reach out to Karan at

4. Updates from the VP of Financial Affairs-Robert Hass

The VP outlined the process for applying for funding for your student club in the Northeastern.

5. Questions by the Senate

  • Would the special committee be permanent?

Answer: It could be permanent. Depends on the value added by the committee.

  • What is the difference between External Affairs and Special Events?

Answer: External affairs will work on GSG’s relationships outside Northeastern University. Special events will primarily work on attending events within Northeastern University that GSG is currently unable to actively attend.

  • When will the voting for State House Visit topics be conducted?

Answer: Voting will be conducted during the next Senate meeting on 29th February.

  • Do we need to participate in the MA State House visit as part of the GSG team or can we go individually?

Answer: All the graduate students from Northeastern are recommended to participate on GSG’s behalf to ensure our voice is strengthened.

6. Lunch



The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm by the Executive Vice President.