Senate Meeting Minutes – April 15, 2021

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting – April 15, 2021

April 15, 2021
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Zoom Recording:


  1. Introduction
  2. Budget Priorities Survey
  3. Budget Proposal 


1. Introduction

President Gagan Prabhu called the meeting to order.

2. Budget Priorities Survey

Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian provided a PowerPoint presentation of the Budget Priorities Survey. The survey offered findings and results from the 2020-2021 budget priorities survey. The survey was administered to all graduate students at Northeastern University – Boston. A total of 647 graduate students completed the survey. This year, the survey was shorter and more specific to nine (9) focus areas: General Information, Academics, Ph.D. Network, Student Involvement, Other Campus Resources, Graduate Student Government, Health Insurance/Mental Health and COVID Safety, University community building, and Overall Satisfaction.

The link to the sample survey is the following:

A question-and-answer session followed the presentation. 

A list of four (4) Initial Recommendations was presented over the topics of academics, COVID-19 testing, increasing job opportunities for students, adding to the range of student involvement opportunities.

The PowerPoint slides will be shared with the Senate members by email.

3. Budget Proposal

President Gagan Prabhu provided a PowerPoint presentation overview and spreadsheet of the budget. The GSG annual budget is categorized as follows: (a) Operations and (b) Graduate Student Funding ((i) Individual Funding and (ii) Student Group Funding). The GSG is not currently a member of National Association of Graduate Professional Students. The membership fee is $1,000 annually. The option to rejoin the organization is available for the future GSG leadership.

The Graduate Student Government Senate approved the GSG budget with 95 percent of the vote.

This is the last meeting of the current GSG administration. The dates for the E-Board Elections 2021-2022 will be announced soon.


The Senate meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm by President Gagan Dep Prabhu.


Meeting Attendance

S.NoName Northeastern EmailProgramCollegeCommittee
1Aakar Tripathi1569810tripathi.aa@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
2Aamiruddin Syed15544756syed.aa@northeastern.eduKhouryAcademic Affairs Committee
3Abhishek Ningala1384932ningala.a@northeastern.eduKhouryFinancial Affairs Committee
4aditi jain1038953jain.adit@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
5Akanksha Mukund Diggikar2364490diggikar.a@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
6Akash Rakesh Sinha1344425sinha.aka@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
7Anuradha Bansilal, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
8Atharva Kulkarni1568506kulkarni.atha@northeastern.eduCPSFinancial Affairs Committee
9Chirag Patel1040639patel.chir@northeastern.eduCOSFinancial Affairs Committee
10Danzel Jones1493283jones.danz@northeastern.eduGSCCNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
11Deep Kothari1521726kothari.dee@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
13Deepti Akarsha1563284akarsha.d@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
14Divya Subbaian1355497subbaian.d@northeastern.eduCOE-
15Gagan Dep Prabhu1355973prabhu.g@northeastern.eduCOE-
16Govind & Operations Committee
17Hardik Radadiya1580539radadiya.h@northeastern.eduCOE-
18Harsh Maheshwari1044539maheshwari.h@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
19Jayesh Lalwani1028161lalwani.j@northeastern.eduKhouryStudent Affairs Committee
20Jigesh Omraj Maurya1040914maurya.j@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
21Jinay Shah1085725shah.jin@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee Affairs Committee
23Lokesh Balaji Parameswaran1562875parameswaran.l@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
24Monish Muppanna Mundasada1578834mundasada.m@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
25Narendra Raj Ramasamy Kanchanamala1553969ramasamykanchanama.n@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
26Nikita Patil1522375patil.nik@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
27Nikunj Doshi1407201doshi.nik@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
28Omkar Tiware1357524tiware.o@northeastern.eduCPSFinancial Affairs Committee
29Priyanka Chaudhari1007299chaudhari.pri@northeastern.eduCOEInvolved in Strategic Planning Committee
30Ramyashree Janarthanan1546668janarthanan.r@northeastern.eduCPSStudent Affairs Committee
31Reema Yadav1029587Yadav.ree@northeastern.eduCOE-
32Rhea Sharma1010312Sharma.rhe@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
33Rochana Devidas Dudwadkar1581058dudwadkar.r@northeastern.eduGraduate Student Organization (Please specify below)Programs & Operations Committee
34Rohit A Kapadi1548452kapadi.r@northeastern.eduCOEInvolved in Strategic Planning Committee
35Romaric Belmier Mbakop1055904mbakop.r@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
36Rushabh Patel1044438patel.rushab@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
37Samuel Chuan1044630chuan.s@northeastern.eduCAMDMarketing and Outreach Committee
38Samyak Jain1569265jain.samyak@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
39Sandeep Karapa Srivatsav1025966karapasrivatsav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
40Santhosh Kumar Vijayakumar1083073vijayakumar.san@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
41Santhoshi Bathina1027751bathina.s@northeastern.eduCOE-
42Sanyukta Koli1529610koli.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
43Sasank Kantana1027959kantana.s@northeastern.eduCPSAcademic Affairs Committee
44Shakir Khalid 1524789khalid.s@northeastern.eduCPS-
45Shreya Vivek Affairs Committee
46Shreyas Khatav1579897khatav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
47Shubham Kurkure1378411kurkure.s@northeastern.eduKhouryNone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
48Siddhi Ekal1562427ekal.s@northeastern.eduCPSStudent Affairs Committee
49Sneha and Outreach Committee
50Sriram Ravindran1003684ravindran.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
51Sudheer reddy, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
52Sweta Mankala1064962mankala.s@northeastern.eduCPSNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
53Syed Mohammad Asjad1563013asjad.s@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
54Tanay Bhagwat108180bhagwat.t@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
55Tejal Bhalerao1560052bhalerao.t@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
56Tharoon Kumar Viswanathan1585510viswanathan.t@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
57Ujjwal Singla1569093singla.u@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
58VARUN KUMAR GURUSAMY CHELLAMUTHU1523115gurusamychellamuth.v@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
59Vikram Kamath1537587kamath.c@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
60Yazhini Ramakrishnan1580928ramakrishnan.y@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee

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