Senate Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2021

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting – September 15, 2021 

September 15, 2021 
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm 
Zoom Recording:


  1. Fall 2021 Meeting Schedule, Hybrid format 
  2. GSG Introduction
  3. Officer Introductions
  4. Priorities, Initiatives, and Pillars 
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Committee Breakout 
  7. Senator Status and Role of a Senator 
  8. Questions and Answers


Executive Vice President Shakir Khalid opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. The first Fall 2021 meeting was conducted both on-ground and Zoom. Shakir began by sharing the university’s Covid-19 protocol, and then shared what Graduate Student Government is and what has been doing and the history of the organization. Shakir also introduced the structure of the organization and shared how the senate meets bi-weekly to discuss various issues and to vote on formal legislation that we present to Northeastern Administration. Additionally, upcoming changes to procedures including Roberts Rules of Order & Parliamentary Procedure, transitioning the Senate meetings to discussion-based senate meetings, and facilitating hybrid/flexible and accessible meetings. The Executive Board was introduced to the Senate, and each member individually introduced themselves to the Senate, sharing more about their roles and responsibilities. Thereafter, VP of Marketing & Outreach also shared the upcoming events including and priorities and pillars of the organization.  

1. Fall 2021 Meeting Schedule, Hybrid format

In-person registration is available to attend the bi-weekly meetings. A registration link will be sent five (5) days before each meeting. A waitlist will be available if the in-person meeting room has reaches maximum capacity as per the college’s COVID-19 meeting policy. 

To attend the in-person meetings in Room 333 at the Curry Student Center, please be aware of the following: limited capacity, registration is required, ticketing system will operate on a first serve, first-come basis, university safety protocols will be followed, and you are encouraged to bring PDF attachments that each GSG member receives in advance. 

2. GSG Introduction

Executive Vice President Shakir said the GSG is a representation of the gradate community (Master’s and PhD). Funding is provided for individual conferences, student groups, and academic projects. It supports community building by sponsoring events and other initiatives. 

3.  Officer Introductions

Each officer introduced himself/herself and welcomed students to join committees. 

President: Jared Beaulieu, 

Executive Vice President: Shakir Khalid, 

Vice President of Student Affairs: Rhea Sharma (Student Affairs Committee), 

Vice President of Financial Affairs: Chinmayi Shaligram (Financial Affairs Committee), 

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Kulbir Singh (Academic Affairs Committee), 

Vice President of Programs & Operations: Arundhati Jha (Programs & Operations Committee), 

Vice President of Marketing & Outreach: Devina Raithatha (Marketing & Outreach Committee), 

Vice President of External Affairs: Phalesha Rawal (External Affairs Committee),  

Vice President of Technology: Keerthi Bhavani Gosika (Technology Committee),  

The link to connect with the current GSG Executive Team is the following: 

GSG email: 

4. Priorities, Initiatives, and Pillars

Vice-President of Marketing and Outreach, Devina Raithatha shared more information about the priorities for the new executive board. There are 4 pillars that have been identified including One Northeastern, Awareness, Collective Partnership, and Advocacy & Empowerment. The first pillar prioritizes establishing a stronger sense of community and expanding GSG to regional campuses. Moreover, there is a stronger focus on DEI and ensuring that the senate is increasingly more representative of the student body and it’s needs and requirements. The second pillar prioritizes increased transparency and visibility about the initiatives and resources that GSG provides. The third pillar prioritizes enhanced partnership with student groups, resources on campus, and campus administration. Lastly, the fourth pillar prioritizes shared leadership and empowerment for students to increase student life advocacy and reiterate the shift in transitioning GSG Senate Meetings to discussion-based meetings.  

5. Upcoming Events 

VP of Marketing & Outreach, Devina Raithatha, shared the three major upcoming events including the GSG Brunch, GSG Movie Night and the second Senate Meeting.  

6. Committees/Committee Breakout 

Vice President of Marketing & Outreach, Devina Raithatha described the GSG committees, roles & requirements to be a part of each of committee. The students virtually and in-person broke out into the respective committees: Student Affairs Committee, Academic Affairs, Finance Committee, Programs and Operations Committee, Marketing and Outreach Committee, External Affairs, and Technology. 

7. Senator Status/Expectations

GSG Senator applications are available to complete now. A Senator must complete a Senator Nomination form, attend bi-weekly Senate meetings, and attend committee meetings regularly. To maintain active status, a Senator will be required to attend two (2) consecutive meetings. A Senator will become inactive if two (2) consecutive meetings are missed. Senators can regain their active status by attending consecutive meetings. 

Senator Nomination form is valid for one academic year. You do not need to resubmit a form if you completed a form in Spring 2021. If you were a senator in the previous academic year (Fall 2019-Spring 2020), you are requested to complete a Senator Renewal form. 

Senator Nomination Form:

Senator Renewal Form:

8. Questions

Executive Vice President Shakir Khalid and VP of Marketing & Outreach Devina Raithatha answered questions Senator nomination.  

If you would like to receive emails about the Senate meetings and volunteer opportunities, send a request to “join organization” on CampusLabs- 

GSG social media: 






The Senate meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm by Executive Vice President Shakir Khalid


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