Academic Advisors and other staff rely on the text of the FACTs to communicate with students and triage issues with other student and faculty support team members. The content and tone of each FACT should reflect this.  As such, please include information you think would be helpful to the adviser and/or student to help understand your concerns and how you think the student may improve her/his progress.

In general, it would be helpful to advisers and students to know the following:

  • What are your concerns about the student’s academic progress?
  • What are the consequences if the concerns are not addressed or how will this impact their grade?
  • Is it possible for the student to recover/rectify the situation to succeed in the course?
    • If yes, how may a student address these concerns?

By default, notification of the FACT report and its concerns go to the student. Details regarding the concern and requested actions for the advisor do not go to the student. Actions suggested for the student go to the student, and should be framed respectfully.


Access to FACT reports is limited to staff who have a direct role in supporting the student’s academic progress, and as such it is highly unlikely that a disclosure will result in a FERPA violation. If there is sensitive information that you only want the adviser to have, please provide that information under the “Actions I suggest for the advisor” section.  The adviser will receive an email with this information.