What is FACT?

The Faculty Advisor Communication Tool (FACT) is Northeastern University’s early-warning tool to facilitate communication between faculty and advisors to identify and support struggling students. Early identification of students who are struggling helps us ensure they are taking necessary steps (e.g. tutoring, advising) to be able to succeed.

*Note:  Instructors in the Graduate School of Education at CPS are not required to participate in FACT use, but will receive requests to submit reports for students who have been flagged as at risk of academic probation or dismissal.

Accessing FACT

*The location of the FACT Roster has changed as of the start of 2018*.

In the new Blackboard, FACT has been relocated to Tools, shown here:


You can access FACT reporting forms at any time within the Bb page for each course by selecting the link for “Tools” in the toolbar on the left side of your course in Bb. The links in the frame that opens on the right are alphabetical: scroll down to click the link for “FACT Course Roster”. It may take a few moments and load screens before the FACT Roster appears. When it does, hover over the two downward arrows by the student’s NUID and select the red, yellow, or green reporting option. This will take you to the FACT reporting form, which contains additional directions for use. 

If the Tools menu is not available in a Blackboard course, this video shows you how to add it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah8IzTCa4zY

Additional information is available here:  https://web.northeastern.edu/nle/new-location-for-fact-roster-and-neu-attendance-tracker/

For step-by-step text and visual directions please refer to the FACT Training Manual *starting at page 4* (materials on pages 1-3 refer to NU Online and will be updated soon).

You can also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about FACT here.

If after reviewing these resources you need additional clarification please send an email to CPS-FACT@northeastern.edu.

If you think you are having a technical issue please also cc the IS Service Desk via email at help@neu.edu, or call 617.373.HELP (x4357), referencing FACT in NU Online.

What are the goals of FACT?

  • Assist advisors in identifying, at an early stage, those students who are experiencing academic difficulty, so that the students can get the support necessary for their success
  • Facilitate communication between advisors and faculty on important student academic progress information
  • Track academic integrity and conduct issues at the college-level, and connect faculty with support to deal with these issues
  • Allow advisers to provide faculty with feedback for the students about whom they have submitted FACT cases
  • Provide the College with a mechanism to monitor student academic performance, attendance, and retention
  • Provide students with an early indication of their progress in specific academic courses
  • Provide faculty a mechanism to inform advisers about students who need extra assistance to comply with the academic integrity policy
  • Increase student success