Grade Submission Deadlines

Grades are due by 2:00pm EST on the Tuesday after the end of a class, unless otherwise noted on the academic calendar.  Official academic calendars can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

How to Submit Grades

Grades must be submitted by 2:00PM EST on the Tuesday after a class ends unless otherwise noted on the academic calendar.  It is very important that grades are submitted in a timely fashion.  Grades must be submitted in Self-Service Banner via myNortheastern or directly.  The Registrar’s Office provides instructions on submitting grades on their website:

Important note:  For courses that are being taught by multiple instructor (e.g. if you are teaching a course with a “Lead Instructor”) only one person is able to enter grades in the Banner system.  Your academic unit should inform you of any such special arrangements for entering grades.  You should reach out to your academic unit and/or your co-instructors with any questions related to this matter.

Grade Changes

Once grades have been submitted, any changes must be completed through a physical Change of Grade form.  All grade changes must be approved by the dean of your academic unit.  If you wish to request a change of grade, please contact your academic unit and provide the following information:

  • Student Information (First and Last Name; NUID number)
  • Course Information (Course Number; Title; Academic Term)
  • Grade Submitted and New Grade
  • Rationale for Changing Grade

NOTE:  Some academic units may have additional guidelines regarding grade changes.  Please contact your academic unit if you have any questions or need additional guidance.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade may be given only when the student was approved to make up a single key requirement of a course such as a paper, exam, or major report. The student and instructor must complete/sign an Incomplete Grade Contract before the end of the course.

Please visit the Incomplete Grades page on this site for additional information and guidelines.