Public Safety Division

Michael A. DavisLocated in the heart of the city of Boston, Northeastern University is part of the diverse tapestry that makes this city an extraordinary place to live, learn, and grow. As a major urban university, our institution embraces a vibrant community that actively plays an essential role in influencing the Northeastern experience. A growing network of involvement and inquiry has grown this community into a thriving society for students, faculty, staff, and our visitors.

The Northeastern University Public Safety Division and Police Department is comprised of an exceptional group of professionals who are relentlessly dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure campus experience. With total integrity, these men and women are vital to maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for us all. We can only accomplish this with the collective effort of the entire Northeastern community. Not only are we all connected to Northeastern University, but we are each a part of the greater Boston community. Our institution is built on a tradition of engagement with the world and in order to achieve a truly safe campus environment, the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff is key. Each of us must assume personal responsibility and take precautions as the potential for crime will always exist.

I encourage you to peruse our website to both discover our services and view opportunities in which you may contribute to our mission, your personal safety, and the community.

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Michael A. Davis

Michael A. Davis
Chief of Police | Director
Northeastern University Public Safety Division