Upcoming Events

Download a calendar with all of our Fall 2014 programming here, or by individual month (September, October, November/December).

Title Date Category Audience Description
Online Teaching & Learning Inquiry Group 12/1/2014 Inquiry Groups Online

This Fall, the Center will convene a group of faculty interested in having ongoing conversation and exploration about the world of online learning. The group will establish priorities for topics it would like to investigate and also provide support for participants’ ongoing teaching experiences. Regular attendance is not mandatory, but a commitment to participation over… Read more »

Honors Education Inquiry Group 12/1/2014 Collaborative Initiatives All-Campus

An Honors Inquiry Group will meet over the semester to “backwards design” the ideal Honors course.  The group will start by discussing what makes Honors courses unique, and how this can be utilized for pedagogical innovation. The aim of the group will be to finish the semester having identified learning outcomes and goals that set… Read more »

Creating Mindful Students: Simple Practices in Contemplative Pedagogy 12/4/2014 Workshops All-Campus

In the form of the “contemplative pedagogy” movement, new science and old practices are being combined to create more potent and effective learning experiences for both faculty and students.  Contemplative pedagogy practices include brief moments of silent reflection with attention directed in mindful ways.  Research is showing this low-impact practice creates more focus, creative engagement,… Read more »

How Do We Move From the Illusion of Understanding to More Authentic Learning Environments? 12/5/2014 Research Now All-Campus

Join us for our bi-weekly lunchtime reading group discussing current research in the area of teaching and learning.  At this session, we will be discussing an article that analyzes the popular Khan academy learning videos using principles from learning science (Schwartz, 2013).  The author identifies common pitfalls that lead to an “illusion of understanding,” and presents a… Read more »

Online Course Design Orientation and Consultation Program: December Intensive 12/11/2014 Online

During the month of December, CATLR will offer its, typically 4-week, Online Course Design Orientation & Consultation Program in an onsite, intensive format. We invite you to join CATLR consultants on December 11th and 12th, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (lunch included), to learn how learning science principles apply to online learning and begin… Read more »

Co-op Faculty Focus Group: Integrating Co-op into the Classroom 12/16/2014 Co-Op

Over the last year and a half, CATLR has supported Co-op Faculty as they developed courses to help students more deliberately integrate classroom learning into their co-op experiences.  To continue integrating the student learning experience, we also want to support academic faculty as they develop classroom practices that leverage the learning experiences their students had… Read more »