Many Academic Advisors have caseloads of several hundred students, so during time-sensitive reporting periods they may receive dozens of FACT reports, in addition to their usual communications from students. Selecting appropriate level of concern and providing details in each of the FACT text fields can help advisors prioritize communication and followup for FACTs. If you would like to be contacted regarding the FACT, please note that in your report.

  • Priority is given to red FACT reports.  Academic advisers will reach out to the student to share with them information that is provided in the FACT even if the student received a copy of the FACT report from you to set the stage and to offer assistance.
  • Academic advisers will review the yellow FACT reports to determine if action is required.  If you believe action by the adviser is required, please note it in the FACT report.
  • Green FACT reports are received as informational only.  If you have a student who required a time sensitive report and s/he is doing well, please submit a green FACT to let the student and advisor know that you have no concerns.