Office of Academic Advising (OAA)

The mission of OAA is to provide comprehensive services to enable students to take ownership of their education and to make sound decisions and judgments that will further their academic and professional success.  OAA is located in 50 Nightingale Hall (#31 on Boston main campus map).  Each student accepted into a certificate or degree program is assigned a Student Success Specialist (academic advisor) by major at CPS.  Student Success Specialists can assist students throughout their time at CPS in a variety of ways, including topics such as these:

  • academic planning
  • degree audits
  • course substitutions / academic requests
  • workshops (e.g. time management, APA citation)
  • referrals to university resources
  • applying for graduation

For a list of Success Specialists by major, click here

Contact OAA at:

  • Phone: 617.373.2400 or toll free 877.668.7727
  • Email:

Global Student Success (GSS)

Global Student Success supports international students through cross-cultural, linguistic, and academic support services.  They also partner with faculty, staff, and administrators to integrate global dimensions and cross-cultural understanding into the Northeastern experience.  The following services are available to all CPS students:

Language and Culture Workshops – Geared for international students looking to understand American values, cultures, and norms. These workshops look to bridge cultural knowledge, expand inquiry, and shed light on how to successfully navigate the American university student experience.

Pronunciation Workshops – These workshops are for speakers of English as a second language who would like to improve their pronunciation skills. Each workshop is led by a graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology who has knowledge about the specifics of speech production.

Volunteer Team Leader (VTL) Program – This program allows for English skill development while concurrently building resume experience, leadership skills, and participating in community service. To date, the VTL program supports 35 organizations and has 1,100 hours of volunteered service.

Global Student Success (
Belvidere Place  (#82 on campus map)

One-on-One Academic Support

Looking for something to send your students?  Check out this One-on-One Academic Support flyer.

International Tutoring Center

  • Available to:  All NU international students
  • Location: Basement of Snell Library (#59)
  • Type of Tutor:  Primarily professionals with advanced degrees
  • For appointments:

Tutors provide ESL writing instruction and training for international students who need assistance with papers, assignments, TOEFL writing, and research projects. Students can meet one-on-one with an ESL tutor for 50 minute appointments.  Want to connect your students with the ITC?  Send them this ITC Flyer which gives them all of the information they need to get started.

Writing Center

  • Available to:  All NU Students
  • Location: 412 Holmes Hall (#33), Snell Library (#59), and Mobile
  • Type of Tutor:  Trained Undergraduate, MA, and PhD students
  • For appointments:
The Writing Center works with undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines, speakers of other languages as well as native speakers of English, and weak, average, and strong writers. The Writing Center offers in person consulting as well as email consulting (generally with a 48-hour response time, except for weekends and holidays). It also offers students remote consulting, which does not require students to come in for their session, rather the student works via Google docs, or Skype with a consultant.  All consultants are trained and many are PhD students.

Northeastern Math Center

  • Available to:  All NU undergraduates only
  • Location:  540B Nightingale Hall (#31)
  • Type of Tutor:  Math majors and graduate students
  • For appointments:
The Northeastern Math Center offers half-hour and hour-long appointments and provides guidance in algebra, precalculus, or calculus.

SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring

SMARTHINKING is a free online tutoring service that provides live academic help from real people in areas including writing and grammar. You may sign up for live sessions with a tutor, or submit your writing for any subject and have it reviewed by an e-structor and returned to you, usually within 24 hours.  We encourage you to refer students who may be struggling to take advantage of this free resource.  If you would like to refer students to SMARTHINKING, you can provide them with these instructions for accessing and utilizing the system: AccessingSMARTHINKING (PDF).  You can also direct them to this short tutorial video.


If you have any question concerning available academic support options, requests in an area not covered by these services, or would like to hire a tutor to support your class or program, please e-mail the CPS Tutor Coordinator, Ori Fienberg, at

Other Resources

Academic Integrity Checklist

If a student completes this checklist before they turn in an assignment, they should be able to prevent some of the most common violations of the Academic Integrity policy.  Faculty are encouraged to share this checklist with their students:


The WeCare program is a support system to aid students during times of difficulty or crisis.  WeCare also aids departments in developing their own systems to deal with student crises, as well as faculty and staff who request guidance in identifying existing Northeastern resources for students.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact WeCare whenever they have a concern about a student’s academic, social or emotional well-being. WeCare can take a broad look at ‘touch points’ across campus to see if the student is of concern to others as well as coordinate appropriate referrals. In emergencies, it is always best to call NUPD first at 617.373.3333.

University Health & Counseling Services (UHCS) provides additional information for faculty on their website:

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC), located in 20 Dodge Hall, serves Northeastern students who have documented disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (ADAAA) of 2008. DRC staff members regularly work with students who have a variety of types of disabilities, primarily: AD(H)D, Asperger’s syndrome and related disorders, chronic and degenerative disorders, hearing loss, learning disabilities, mobility impairments, psychiatric disorders, traumatic or acquired brain injury, and vision impairment.
Contact the Disability Resource Center at:
(617) 373-2675 (voice)
(617) 373-2730 (TTY)