Senate Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2021

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting – February 24, 2021

February 24, 2021
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Zoom Recording:



  1. Introduction
  2. Student Group Approval 1
  3. Student Group Approval 2
  4. Birds of a Feather Event
  5. Questions



1. Introduction

Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. It was the third spring meeting that was conducted on-ground and via Zoom.

2. Student Group Approval 1

Ryan McGlynn, President of Pharmaceutical Science Graduate Student Association, Bouvé College of Health Sciences presented for approval before GSG. Their objective is to strengthen graduate program community in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, promote its sustainability and provide career, and networking opportunities to students in the department. The faculty adviser is Dr. Booth, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and the administrative sponsor is Dr. Janero, Head of the Graduate Committee. The group has held program town halls (Summer 2020, Fall 2020), elected graduate student liaison (Spring 2020), constructed Welcome social for new PhD students (Fall 2020) and held Q&A for prospective students (Spring 2021) amongst others. Their future endeavors include talk by the Head of medical writing at Merk (Spring 2021), talk by a scientist from Pfizer (Summer 2021) and opening the group to masters students as well. This was followed by Q&A.

Voting by the Senate

Result: Approved

3. Student Group Approval 2

The Latin American Law Student Association, School of Law was represented by their Treasurer Anna Daniels. Their purpose is to provide a safe space to bring, build and share Latinx culture and experiences to NUSL and beyond. Their co-chairs are Jeffrey Toomey (Summer, Winter) and Antonio Coronado (Fall, Spring). Their faculty advisor is Prof. Ramirez, Faculty advisor. Their yearly academic-networking activities included Super Saturday, Moot Court, Q&A on Co-op, and their cultural-social activities included Dia de los Muertos, Cafecitos, 3L Goodbye and Familias Mixer. The organization has held OCI Decoded with a renowned Law firm in Boston and has continued to conduct virtual Co-op events during the lockdown period as well. This was followed by Q&A.

Voting by the Senate

Result: Approved

4. Birds of a Feather – Networking/Social Event

Shakir Khalid, the VP of Programs and Operations introduced the event, explaining the overview and guidelines. Some of the topics given for discussion were Imposter Syndrome, Time management, Isolation due to COVID, Fighting Procrastination and Transition from UG to PG. Students were assigned to breakout rooms where they continued to share their inputs and experiences, sharing and networking with the peers. Later, one member from each time presented the highlights from their discussion groups.

5. Questions

President Gagan Dep Prabhu introduced himself to the GSG members. He provided insight about a previous Redeye issue, informing about its progress. He shared information about the accomplishments of the organization, including student group funding, research projects grant support, and advisement for graduate students among other achievements. His email address is

The next Senate meeting is scheduled for March 13th, 2021 from 12:00p.m.-2:00p.m. (EST) on Zoom.


The Senate meeting was adjourned at 2:06p.m. by President Gagan Dep Prabhu.


Meeting Attendance

S.NoName Northeastern EmailCollegeCommittee
1Abhinav Shahshah.abhin@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
2Aamiruddin Syedsyed.aa@northeastern.eduKhouryStrategic Planning Committee
3Aditi jainJain.adit@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
4Ajay Kartik Krishnakumarkrishnakumar.aj@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
5Akanksha Diggikardiggikar.a@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
6Amulya Raoravindra.a@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
7Ankush Kesrikesri.a@northeastern.eduCOEAcademic Affairs Committee
8Aron Dsouzadsouza.a@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
9Asad Muhammad Rafiquerafique.a@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
10Ashwin, I don't want to sign up for committees!
11Ashwin Mahendramahendra.a@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
12Asif Khankhan.asif@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
13Atharva KousadikarKousadikar.a@northeastern.eduCPSStrategic Planning Committee
14Bhaveshthakkar.b@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
15Chinmayi Shaligramshaligram.c@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
16Chirag patelpatel.chir@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
17Danzel Jonesjones.danz@northeastern.eduGraduate Students of Color CollectiveNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
18Deepak Bishtbisht.d@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
20Deepti Akarshaakarsha.d@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
21Dhruv Garggarg.d@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
22Dhruv KariaKaria.d@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
23Divya Subbaiansubbaian.d@northeastern.eduCOE-
24Dwaraganath Setti AshokSettiashok.d@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
25Fenil Desaidesai.f@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
26Gagan Dep Prabhuprabhu.g@northeastern.eduCOE-
27Govind & Operations Committee
28Grania Machadomachado.g@northeastern.eduKhouryMarketing and Outreach Committee
29Hardik Radadiyaradadiya.h@northeastern.eduCOE-
30Harman Farwahfarwah.h@northeastern.eduKhouryMarketing and Outreach Committee
31Jared Beaulieubeaulieu.ja@northeastern.eduBusiness School Financial Affairs Committee
32Jay Walendrawalendra.j@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
33Jefrine Rex Antorexanto.j@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
34Jigesh Omraj Mauryamaurya.j@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
35Jinay Shahshah.jin@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
36Kathan Patelpatel.kat@northeastern.eduKhouryFinancial Affairs Committee
37Kunal SuvarnaSuvarna.k@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
38Lily Bessettebessette.l@northeastern.eduKhouryNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
39Maharshi Jinandrajinandra.m@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
40Mayank Mehtamehta.mayan@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
41Mohammad Osamaosama.m@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
42Nijin Varghesevarghese.n@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
43Nikita Ashok Patilpatil.nik@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
44Nikitha Bullasandra Chidambara Reddybullasandrachidamb.n@northeastern.eduCPSPrograms & Operations Committee
45Nikunj Doshidoshi.nik@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
46niranjan vaidyavaidya.nir@northeastern.eduCPSNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
47Omkar Tiwaretiware.o@northeastern.eduCPSFinancial Affairs Committee
48Orhun Kokkok.o@northeastern.eduCOSNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
49Parth Khamarkhamar.p@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
50Pradeep Kumar Rajanrajan.p@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
51Prajakta, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
52Prem Mulchandani mulchandani.p@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
53Priyanka Girish Chaudharichaudhari.pri@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
54Reema YadavYadav.ree@northeastern.eduCOE-
55Rhea SharmaSharma.rhe@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
56Riddhish PatelPatel.rid@northeastern.eduCPSFinancial Affairs Committee
57Rochana Devidas Dudwadkardudwadkar.r@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
58Romaric Belmier Mbakopmbakop.r@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
59Rucha Gajanan LaulkarLaulkar.r@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
60Rushabh Patelpatel.rushab@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
61Rushiraj SavaliaSavalia.r@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
62Samuel ChuanChuan.s@northeastern.eduCAMDMarketing and Outreach Committee
63Samyak Jainjain.samyak@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
64Sandeep Karapa Srivatsavkarapasrivatsav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
65Santhoshi Bathinabathina.s@northeastern.eduCOE-
66Sasank Kumar Kantanakantana.s@northeastern.eduCPSPrograms & Operations Committee
67Saurabh Affairs Committee
68Shakir Khalid khalid.s@northeastern.eduCPS-
69Shamika Shirish Gogategogate.s@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
70Shreya Vivek Affairs Committee
71Shreyas Mahesh Khatavkhatav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
72Shruthi Sivaprakasamsivaprakasam.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
73Shubham Bharat Kurkurekurkure.s@northeastern.eduKhouryNone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
74Sisir Pasumartipasumarti.s@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
75Sneha and Outreach Committee
76Sriram Ravindranravindran.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
77Tanay Bhagwatbhagwat.t@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
78Tarak Milan Bakhdabakhda.t@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
79Tejal Bhaleraobhalerao.t@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
80Ujjwal Singlasingla.u@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
81Uma Mahesh Avalapatiavalapati.u@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
82Vaishnavi gadvegadve.v@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
83Vishwajit Chaurechaure.v@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!

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