Senate Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2021

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting – March 13, 2021

March 13, 2021
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Zoom Recording:


  1. Introduction
  2. NU Impact
  3. Certificate Funding
  4. Scattergories Game
  5. Event Polls and Feedback
  6. Questions and Answers



1. Introduction

President Gagan Dep Prabhu opened the meeting.

2. NU Impact

Karan Kishorepuria, president of NU Impact, addressed the Graduate Student Government Senate. Spencer Haber is director of finance and operations. The group is described as a student-led investment fund deploying flexible capital through rigorous experiential learning and engagement with the local community.

The NU Impact mission statement is “To advance awareness of purposeful capital and strengthen our local community through comprehensive education programming and targeted investments.” The organization will be (1) advancing awareness, including conducting educational programming – industry speaker events, workshops, and an annual summit to connect students to the ideas, practice, and careers in impact investing; and (2) strengthening our local communities through its NUImpact Fund is engaging investment analysis, research analysis, and rotational associates in a rigorous investment process culminating in deployment of capital to sustainable businesses addressing social and environmental challenges.

Additional facts of NU Impact: (1) One of the only undergraduate-led impact investing funds, (2) $25,000 has been invested in the Boston community, (3) 50+ student members from six (6) undergraduate colleges are participating, (4) 17 speaker events were sponsored in 2019-2020, and (5) over 150 attendees participated in the annual conference.

3. Certificate Funding

President Gagan Dep Prabhu presented Professional Development Certifications Funding (PDCF). According to the program, the funding for professional development certifications is designed to support Northeastern University non-Ph.D. graduate students from all colleges and departments in their pursuit of local professional development opportunities within their area of study or research on a reimbursement basis to cover registration fees that are not currently funded by the student’s advisor or other funding sources. Non-Ph.D. students are eligible for funding up to the amount of $100 per academic year. However, this fund is allocated to cover registration fees that are not currently funded by the student’s advisor or other funding sources.

The last funding period for the 2020-2021 academic year includes the following: Conference dates: April-May 2021; Application deadline: March 20, 2021; and Notification date: March 31, 2021. Additional information on the proposal said the funding program is highly competitive and it is not a guaranteed source of funding. Applicants who are not awarded are encouraged to re-apply for future semesters, provided that all eligibility criteria are met. Award allocations are determined by the availability of funds and the number of applications received.

Voting by the Senate

Result: Approved (The Graduate Student Government Senate approved the Professional Development Certifications Funding proposal by 86%).

4. Scattergories Game

Vice President of Programs and Operations Shakir Khalid provided the instructions for the Scattergories game that involved eight (8) breakout rooms to address five (5) categories with 60 second each. Scoring was 10 points for each unique answer, five (5) points for a repeated answer, and zero (0) points for no answer/repeated answer for a third time. Finalists were Asjad, Samuel Chuan, Aditi Jain, Danzel Jones, Sandeep, Kulbir Singh, and Milan Skobic. 


1st Place: Danzel Jones

2nd Place: Asjad

3rd place: Kulbir Singh

The  winners will receive gift cards from Amazon.

5. Event Polls and Feedback

Zoom poll was taken for students preference on upcoming events.

6. Question and Answer

The next Senate meeting is scheduled for March 24, 2021, 12:00p.m.-2:00p.m. (EST) in #333 Curry Student Center and through Zoom.


The Senate meeting was adjourned at 2:15p.m. by President Gagan Dep Prabhu.


Meeting Attendance

S.NoName Northeastern EmailCollegeCommittee
1Aamiruddin Syedsyed.aa@northeastern.eduKhouryAcademic Affairs Committee
2Aananthan Mariappanmariappan.a@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
3Abhishek Ningalaningala.a@northeastern.eduKhouryFinancial Affairs Committee
4aditi jainjain.adit@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
5Akankshadiggikar.a@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
6Akash Sinhasinha.aka@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
7Anuradha Bansilal Affairs Committee
8Aron Dsouzadsouza.a@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
9Asad Muhammad Rafiquerafique.a@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
10Atharva KousadikarKousadikar.a@northeastern.eduCPSInvolved in Strategic Planning Committee
11Chirag Patelpatel.chir@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
12Danzel Jonesjones.danz@northeastern.eduGSCCNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
13David Samuel Nallapunallapu.d@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
15Deepti Akarshaakarsha.d@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
16Divya Subbaiansubbaian.d@northeastern.eduCOE-
17Gagan Dep Prabhuprabhu.g@northeastern.eduCOE-
18Gayatri Degaonkar degaonkar.g@northeastern.eduCOEInvolved in Strategic Planning Committee
19Govind & Operations Committee
20Grania Machadomachado.g@northeastern.eduKhouryMarketing and Outreach Committee
21Hardik Radadiyaradadiya.h@northeastern.eduCOE-
22Harshal Kumbharkumbhar.h@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
23Jared Beaulieubeaulieu.ja@northeastern.eduBusiness SchoolFinancial Affairs Committee
24Jerry Goodwingoodwin.j@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
25Jinay Shahshah.jin@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
26Kulbir singhsingh.kul@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
27Mayank Mehta mehta.mayan@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
28Milan Skobicskobic.m@northeastern.eduCSSHNone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
29Nijin Varghesevarghese.n@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
30Nikita Ashok Patilpatil.nik@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
31Nikitha Bullasandra Chidambara Reddybullasandrachidamb.n@northeastern.eduCPSPrograms & Operations Committee
32Nikunj Doshidoshi.nik@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
33Omkar Tiwaretiware.o@northeastern.eduCPSFinancial Affairs Committee
34Prem Mulchandani mulchandani.p@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
35Reema YadavYadav.ree@northeastern.eduCOE-
36Rohit Ashok KapadiKapadi.r@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
37Romaric Belmier Mbakopmbakop.r@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
38Rushabh Patelpatel.rushab@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
39Samuel Chuanchuan.s@northeastern.eduCAMDMarketing and Outreach Committee
40Samyak Jainjain.samyak@northeastern.eduCOEInvolved in Strategic Planning Committee
41Sandeep Karapa Srivatsavkarapasrivatsav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
42Sanika Sanil Saraffsaraff.s@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
43Santhoshi Bathinabathina.s@northeastern.eduCOE-
44Sanyukta Koli koli.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
45Shakir Khalid khalid.s@northeastern.eduCPS-
46Shravya Shettyshetty.shra@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
47Shreya Vivek Affairs Committee
48Shreyas Khatavkhatav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
49Shruthi Sivaprakasamsivaprakasam.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
50Siddhi Ekalekal.s@northeastern.eduCPSPrograms & Operations Committee
51Sriram Ravindranravindran.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
52Sudheer reddy, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
53Sunit Bailbail.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
54Sweta Mankalamankala.s@northeastern.eduCPSStudent Affairs Committee
55Syed Mohammad Asjadasjad.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
56Tanay Bhagwatbhagwat.t@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
57Tejal Bhaleraobhalerao.t@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
58Vaishnavi & Operations Committee
59Vishwajithsubhash.v@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee

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