Academic Integrity Resources for CPS Instructors

A commitment to the principles of academic integrity is essential to the mission of Northeastern University and of the College of Professional Studies. Academic dishonesty violates the most fundamental values of an intellectual community and undermines the achievements of the entire University. Instructors are expected to address and report potential academic integrity violations in their classes, and CPS provides a variety of resources to help instructors meet these expectations and promote scholarship and integrity in their classes. Any questions about these resources may be directed to

CPS Faculty Academic Integrity Review (FAIR)

FAIR is an approximately one-hour review accessible under My Organizations in CPS Blackboard that covers the prevalence of integrity violations such as plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, and reuse, CPS’ required process for addressing potential academic integrity violations, as well as strategies and resources to help instructors prevent and identify potential violations in their classes. Many of the resources that follow here are addressed in more detail in FAIR.

Academic Integrity Module/Quiz

Housed within FAIR, the Academic Integrity Module/Quiz is a customized adaptive release module for CPS Blackboard courses. Once downloaded and integrated with a course, it requires all students to first review the Academic Integrity Policy, then take a short quiz that covers the most common academic integrity violations instructors encounter. Until the student passes the quiz, they will not be able to access to the rest of the course.

TurnItIn Originality/Similarity Reports

Similarity reports highlight words and passages that are the same as those appearing in work that may not have been written by the student. Instructors can use the Similarity Report to more easily identify copy-paste and paraphrase plagiarism that has not been properly cited by the student, or see if a student is reusing work they did not do for the class without first having obtained explicit permission to do so.


Examity provides webcam-connected online proctoring for midterms and final exams. Instructors can set a window for exams, as well as any parameters they desire, such as closed or open-book. A live proctor watches the student and flags any behavior that may be indicative of an academic integrity violation, such as looking at a cell phone, or accessing prohibited online materials during a close book exam.

Faculty Advisor Communication Tool (FACT)

FACT utilizes a reporting form in CPS Blackboard classes to facilitate easy communication between faculty and advisors. Additionally, any report that highlights academic integrity as a potential concern receives support within 2 business days to help confirm and address any potential violation.

Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR)

OSCCR administers the Academic Integrity Policy and acts as a partner in educating students about academic expectations. An “informational report” to OSCCR results in communication to student encouraging them to familiarize themselves with resources to avoid future issues. An “hearing request” triggers the hearing process, giving the student the opportunity to discuss this issue. No report leaves a permanent mark on a student’s record, and typically sanctions for issues of ignorance are educational.

Click here to watch a video on how to make a report to OSCCR

Click here to submit a report to OSCCR

Academic Integrity Webpage (Student Resources)

The Academic Integrity Webpage highlights core expectations for students, as well as what they can expect if they are reported to OSCCR, and resources to help the student avoid violations in their classes.

Interactive Academic Integrity Checklist for Students

This interactive checklist can be used by students while or just after writing papers to ensure that they understand key integrity expectations including avoiding reuse, citing exact quotes, and completing work on their own. The tool can generate a certificate of completion after each use, in case instructors would like to require it.

Northeastern University Libraries (Citations and Bibliographies)

The libraries and library staff offer a variety of resources and tools, including links to common citation styles, tools such as RefWorks and EndNotes to simplify citation, and help from Research Librarians to help ensure students understand expectations for academic and professional scholarship.

Academic Integrity Review for Students (AIRS)

All active CPS students are enrolled in AIRS, an approximately one-hour review under My Organizations in CPS Blackboard containing videos from instructors and students, as well as interactive elements that will help students learn about, engage with, and understand the connection between academic and professional integrity, common violations to avoid, and tools they can utilize to ensure they meet academic expectations and complete their work with integrity.