The FACT system and FACT reports (e.g. “FACTs”) are accessed via Canvas. FACT integrates with Banner and Salesforce. This facilitates automated requests for FACT reports for students who are struggling or have issues that could affect their academic progress.

Throughout the course, faculty may access FACT by clicking the “FACT Reporting and Photo Roster” link in the lefthand navigation of each course. If any students in your class are flagged for FACT reporting, due to academic probation or other issues, you will receive email at presets points in the course requesting that you submit a FACT for these students.

Unlike email, FACT creates a lasting record that can be easily accessed as needed by appropriate staff members. For instance, if a student’s primary advisor is unavailable or has changed roles, submitting a FACT ensures the student’s access performance trends are available. Additionally, FACT helps address student conduct issues quickly and appropriately. Finally, FACT makes it possible to tabulate and track frequency of issues in programs, and help design new interventions to address them.


Please see “What is a time sensitive FACT case?” and “How often are time sensitive FACT cases required?” for more information.