What is FACT?

FACT is an early-warning tool that provides faculty with a method for providing feedback to advisors for early intervention, coaching, and assistance.  FACT has been in use in certain areas at Northeastern University since 2007 and has been very successful as an early warning system.  FACT was piloted in Summer 2013 and formally launched in Fall 2013.

*Note:  The Graduate Education Programs at CPS are not participating in the FACT system.

Training Manual

For instructions on how to use FACT, click here:  FACT Training Manual

Tutorial Videos

*Note: Tutorial videos are best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Accessing FACT in NU Online

Submitting a FACT

Communicating with the Advisor


Frequently Asked Questions about FACT can be found here.

What are the goals of FACT?

  • Assist faculty in identifying, at an early stage, those students who are experiencing academic difficulty, so that the students can get the support necessary for their success
  • Allow advisers to reach out to faculty to seek important student academic progress information
  • Assist advisers in providing the right information and the right tools to help students succeed academically
  • Allow advisers to provide faculty with feedback for the students about whom they have submitted FACT cases
  • Provide the College with a mechanism to monitor student academic performance, attendance, and retention
  • Provide students with an early indication of their progress in specific academic courses
  • Provide faculty a mechanism to inform advisers about students who need extra assistance to comply with the academic integrity policy
  • Increase student success

Technical Support

For additional technical questions or issues, please contact the IS Service Desk via email at help@neu.edu, or by phone at 617.373.HELP (x4357), referencing FACT in NU Online.