Graduate Student Government (GSG)

Apply for GSG Funding!

Put your student activities fee to work! Part of your student activities fee goes directly to a fund controlled and dispersed by GSG. Its purpose is to provide funding for both graduate student groups as well as individual students traveling to conferences, competitions, and other academic activities. All Northeastern graduate students are invited to apply.

How does this work?

  • Individual FundingAttending a conference? Graduate students currently in good standing are eligible for up to $375 per academic year for reimbursement of conference expenses. Only individual funding requests have hard deadlines for application submission.
  • Student Group Funding: Sponsoring an event? Graduate student groups recognized by the Campus Activities and Program Office are eligible for up to $3000 per academic year to fund events that enhance the graduate student experience as a whole. Funds are transferred to the student groups’ SABO account. Student group funding requests must be submitted 2-3 weeks prior to an event.