Spring Scholars Speaker Series on Research and Innovation

We are pleased to announce that this spring we are going to be hosting a University Scholars Research and Innovation Speakers Series. The series will be held on Thursday evenings from 6 - 7 PM. Each session will feature a conversation with one or more interesting people from on or around campus, talking to us about how they became interesting -- developed good questions, followed a creative path, fostered an innovation. We will be coupling the series with opportunities for Scholars to cultivate their own research skills and tools as they prepare research proposals for Scholars Independent Research Funding.  So far we have some great confirmed guests, including Professor of Physics László Barabási who will speak to us about his work on complexity and the new science of success; Professor of Computer and Information Science Marsette Vona, who will speak to us about his robotics research; Professor Rupal Patel will provide insight into how she has developed new tools for providing realistic voices for those who are unable to speak; Professor David DeSteno will speak to us about his newest work studying the psychology of trust; Professor Barry Bluestone will discuss his work on "The Great U-Turn" and income inequality in the United States; Professor Matt Gray will speak to us about his work as a theatrical designer and director; and Professor Toyoko Orimoto will share her insights into the relationship between the arts and the sciences.

After each session, a smaller group of 10-12 Scholars will attend a dinner with our guest speaker(s), providing Scholars an opportunity to ask your critical questions and develop conversational tools.