Far-Flung University Scholars: Sofia Sotelo Ortiz

The New York Times recently posted a series of photos from students who have traveled more than 50 miles to attend their university. International students make up 17% of our University Scholars contingent, while 83% of our group is from outside of New England. When these students come to Northeastern, they bring their stories with them. In this series, we will hear from our Scholars about where they are from and why they were interested in studying here.

Sofia Sotelo Ortiz in Potosi, Bolivia

Sofia Sotelo Ortiz in Potosi, Bolivia, once the world's richest city.

SOFIA SOTELO ORTIZ, class of 2017, Business Administration, Finance & Insurance, with a Health Science minor

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

I have always loved feeling challenged. During my last years in high school I realized that if I stayed in Bolivia to get my business degree, I wouldn’t be as academically challenged, as I would be studying in the United States. Attending an American school my entire life opened the doors for me to apply to colleges in the U.S. and I am extremely grateful for the great opportunity Northeastern has given me through the University Scholars Program. Even though adapting to the fast-paced and busy environment in the U.S. was very challenging at first, Boston has filled my life with opportunities. Here I feel empowered every day, and it feels great. I love waking up every day knowing that there is so much to do because by surpassing greater challenges each day I feel I’m learning at a pace I never thought I would be able to learn. I am sure that there is no better place to be. I’m in the right place at the right time.

That said, with great power comes great responsibility, and I know that with the high level of education and wide range of opportunities given to me through classes, inspiring teachers, great mentors, a program of intellectuals, and a wide array of on-campus opportunities, I will be able to give back to my country some time in the future. Even though I have grown fond of Boston, I always carry my home country in my heart and mind. I know there is much to be done in Bolivia and that inspires me and motivates me more than anything else.