Day 23: A Limerick or Two For Me and You

Day 23: A Limerick or Two For Me and You

Today our group split in two

For we had many things to do

But things rearranged

And it was really quite strange

So we had some free time to choose


Many of us went to brunch

Sadly my bacon had no crunch

It was nice for a change though

To have breakfast real slow so

Overall it was quite a nice munch


Then we went drawing with Jean

You won’t believe all the things that we’ve seen

A sea lion just chilling

In the fish market, vendor willing

Of him we’re really quite keen

Me, pre-food-poisoning

Jean taught us gesture drawing

At this point the fish were all thawing

We drew fast quick lines

That captured the spines

Of all the birds that were cawing


Then we got to chill for a while

That’s when things started to get vile

Food poisoning is bad

It makes us quite sad

I’d stay away at least a mile

me, realizing I have food-poisoning

There once was a traveller named Bren

Who opted for fish over hen

She ate it all up

Then threw up her guts

Who knows when she’ll eat tuna again


There once was a young man named Nik

And at dinner he made the wrong pick

Beware what he ate

For he met the same fate

And now for hours he’s been sick


Among the fallen there’s also Amar

Whose illness was far from bizarre

Just like the rest

He felt far from his best

But he seems to be recovering so far


Poor Olivia also got sick

Felt like her stomach got hit with a brick

She wasn’t too delighted

But we were all united

In hoping she’d get better real quick

me, post food-poisoning


Some of us were still okay

And for that they all cheered “yay”

Then with David we had class

And none of us gave him sass

He had very interesting things to say:


The next project is nature as metaphor

At first we were as confused as you are

But David explained

So our brains rearranged

And now we’re very excited for [it]


Those of us who still weren’t ill

Went to dinner of their own free will

I was not amongst those

Instead I’m writing this prose

But hopefully they had a good fill