Day 10: Feeling It

Day 10: Feeling It

‘Twas early in the morning

And all through the Hotel Acoma

The young, tired travelers

Were beginning to wake, with a moan(a)


At the ripe hour of eight

The groggy students boarded the bus

Driven by fearless Marcelo

A hero to us


On the drive to Cotacachi

A dormant volcano

The group was treated to incredible scenery

Which was certainly Ka-blamo


Lake Cuicocha

And the towering mountain behind

Made for a great photo-op

The views blew my mind!


Tom takes a photo

We began our hike

To circumnavigate the lake

But a grisly scene on the road

Made our guide shout “Brake!”


There before us

Stuck in the sand

Was our tank of a bus

Now succumbed to the land


We pushed and pushed

With all of our might

And finally freed our poor bus

To Marcelo’s delight


Here, we see teamwork making the dreamwork


Round the lake we went

Listening to Alberto’s tales

Of mountainous love triangles

The guide spared no details


As we trekked on

Our legs grew tired

But the gorgeous landscape

Kept our minds wired


Burnt necked and winded

We dined as a bunch

And brave Niklas even tried “Cuy”

(Guinea pig) for lunch!


Then came introductions to APAK

An enthusiastic crew

With whom we will be working

To create SICK films y’all can view


Weary and dust covered

Most settled in for the night

Now on to the next day

With more adventures in sight 🙂