Day 33: Frantically Finding Footage

“Hey does anyone have any footage of me doing cool stuff?”

“Does anyone have extra B-roll?”


“Can you guys film me do something really quick”

“Has anyone seen David I have a question”

“How do you add this effect in Premiere?”

It’s the start of the last week and we have one thing on our minds: the final video. We were free to edit and shoot for our Synthesis video and most of us got an early start. Between individual end of the course meetings and editing, filming, and brainstorming for our videos, the day was pretty packed. Our brains definitely needed some fueling and we didn’t hesitate to fill our stomachs with donuts, chocolate, subs, and burgers during the day. (Everyday is a cheat day in Quito). Luckily, this group knows how to get work done while also having fun. Without the singing and joke telling, the work pile up would be a lot more gruesome as we approach the last few days of the dialogue. Looking through all of our footage of the past five weeks, it’s fascinating to see how far we have come as a group. With totally different personalities but a similar love for weirdness, singing at all times, and food, we have formed a bond that will never be forgotten.

After a hard day of work, we made our first debut as professional salsa dancers. Majority of the group, minus a few, took a salsa dancing class and learned many different steps as well as part of the Tango. These are definitely some takeaways we can use in the states; can’t wait to show my friends my new cultured dance moves at the bars in Massachusetts. The dance class was fun and informative, but as far as talent goes, I think we should all stick to singing. After salsa, the group had a big family dinner at Ananke. This was definitely one of my favorite restaurants we’ve been to in Ecuador so far. Not only was the food and company great, but the view was even better. We enjoyed our meals listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, looking at the city of Quito displayed over the mountains during a full moon, and discussing our plans after returning to the states. We will miss these views and these moments.