Day 35: Quito While You're Ahead

Day 35: Quito While You’re Ahead

Today, day 35, was the last day of our time in Ecuador. The gang set out to make the absolute most of every experience starting at 12 o’clock this morning.

A portion of the group began August 10th at the Festival de la Luz: a stunning collection of projection mapping art on the buildings of Quito’s historic center. Thankfully, this show did not close as it was meant to at midnight, but continued, as Ecuadorian time often does, at least one extra hour. We saw a beautifully recolored basilica projecting the image of the cross onto clouds above. We moved from square to square seeing more and more beautiful light shows until we could no longer stand and the projectors could no longer project.

Then came the final and most fulfilling rap session of the trip. Eesh made history as the first to rap at a rap session. Eva shared an inspiring curation of quotes from our trip. Many shared heartfelt good byes. Feels were had.


Then when half the group left to get tattoos, the other half visited the market. Although it was no Otavalo, the market offered a final chance to get gifts for those who had been forgotten earlier.


After, our group went to Frida (aka the best taco place in the world ft.pure gold frozen margaritas.raunchy wall-quotes). It was difficult to leave such a gem behind in Quito. We bid Niklas adieu as he continues his adventure in Peru and made sure we were packed, and well fed before we left for the airport. Brenna and Amar said good bye to us too, and so they are also headed out on their own.

Bye bbs! Have fun without us!

Our last bus ride was an Ode to Marcelo. The twists and turns of the road to the airport reminded all of us of the crazy feats he had achieved in these 5 weeks. Marcelo remains in our eyes a god among bus drivers.

After many lines- the group officially left Quito around 11:40pm. It was surreal to sit on a plane knowing that later that day we would be dropped back in Boston (with a few exceptions) and be expected to travel without 10 other people at all times- no poses to sing along with.

Although we must leave each other for now, a group Pot Luck/ Karaoke Session/ exhibition planning is already in the works. We’ll see each other in September and try not to cry in the meantime.