Day 28: Ode To Darwin

Day 28: Ode To Darwin

Personally in utter disbelief 

But it is time that we depart

The wonder that is the Galápagos Islands

Bio-precious work of art 


Won’t have to step over sea lions

In any other place

Can’t casually observe century-old tortoises 

Crawl at their laid-back pace 


This morning we have pancakes

As it lightly mists on our heads 

Those rolls will be remembered fondly

All we eat is bread 


We learn it’s all in the value

2-D comes to life with fill

In our sketchbooks scrawl flamingo necks

Can’t they just stand still?


We study the iguanas 

Who gaze majestically at the sea 

One of them hasn’t moved for two days

They’re gargoyles to me


Watched some of last year’s videos,

Were intimidated by the great

It’s hard enough to sketch a rock

They made their drawings animate


We Coco Surf’d for lunch

Huge fan of their presentation

Precariously stacked fries on a plate 

Cuisine worth it to be be patient


Afternoon was for gathering audio 

Of waves crashing onto the shore 

Literally saw a chicken cross the road

Nature as metaphor


Basked in the last Isabela golden hour

Drinking in with lens and mind’s eye

But still avoid the drink from the sink

We wish not to die 


Navigating on legs and surf boards

Left us hungry and red-faced

But The Wood House knows just what we need

Brought us lobsters by the crate


Symbiotic until we stretch our stay

Like lichen on the trees

It’s time for others to take our place

Let the ecosystem breathe



Student overtaken by Galápagos-induced zen


Came across this mysterious sand-scribe multiple times today… Professor, are you tagging the beach?