Day 24: Sunburn, Gesture, and Proportions

Day 24: Sunburn, Gesture, and Proportions

Dear Sun,

Gesture drawings rock, 
Proportion drawings aren’t fun,
Bike or alien?

I am not a fan

You burn my skin to a crisp

I’m redder than fire.

Tortuga was peaceful

But today was annoying

Even my clothes hurt.

Your Worst Fan, Skye Walker

With being covered head-to-toe in sunburn, you could say today was a bit frustrating. We started our day with drawing class. We worked on gesture drawings, which I loved, and proportions, which were a little more difficult and a little less fun.

After the drawing class, it was time for our Writing with a Camera workshop. In this class, we were assigned a reading that was supposed to get our gears moving for our Nature as Metaphor video. I still have no idea what I will do for the project, but at least I know now the mindset I should be in to be inspired. You have to stop for quite awhile and just observe. Where does it take you? What are your thoughts as you watch the water or other aspects of nature around you? Well, that’s your video.

Hopefully I’ll gain some perspective soon and have an idea of what to do. For now, I’ll just hate the sun and draw everything I see.