Day 22: Chillin' n' Villin'

Day 22: Chillin’ n’ Villin’

(shouts to Bren for the featured image)

Today was a pretty relaxed day that started with cooked to order omelettes, ended with a fun night of dancing, and was filled with a trip to the idyllic Tortuga Bay. Here are the not so great parts:

1. The Hard-a** Gatekeeper:
This dude needed a prescription for extra strong chill pills taken thrice daily with a side of friendly juice. After walking the 2km and steep stairs/hill to the start of the path to Tortuga Bay, we were accosted by a stout, unpleasant man in a green jacket who wouldn’t let us through because we were traveling as an organized group. After a good fifteen minutes of arguing and calling our hotel, we were allowed to pass. Even though I couldn’t understand most of what was said, tone of voice and body language are a universal language.

2. The Curse of the Kindle:
Brenna’s kindle had the Amazon equivalent of a seizure. It’s still unclear why, but it was stuck in “voice view” – a sadistic function that keeps the screen black, reads you random information at all times and has an incomprehensible tapping system for navigating. It took the combined heroism of Brenna and Eesha, and the better part of thirty minutes, to resolve the issue. Woohoo!



Really can’t complain though – got to spend the day here 😀