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Jay Shome, left, and Andrew Smith,

New Student-Created App Makes “Friending” Easy

“Friending made easy.” That’s the motto of FriendsUp, a new app enabling users to share contact information and connect via Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram in the blink of an eye. It’s the brainchild of Andrew Smith and Jay Shome, both E’18, who launched the app in July and have seen its user base grow into the thousands […]

CGI U 2017 Codeathon

Students Excited to ‘Feed off the Energy’ of CGI U

In high school, Kritika Singh founded Malaria Free World, a nonprofit focused on raising awareness of and supporting research for a disease that claimed 429,000 lives in 2015, according to the World Health Organization. Now a second-year bioengineering major at Northeastern, Singh remains dedicated to the cause. This weekend, Singh will be one of thousands from […]

Deep-sea Scallops

SIRF Project Blog Post: Itxaso Garay

The SIRF I chose to be a part of explores the effects of treatments of ocean acidification on microbial communities and their host associations with deep sea scallops. As a consequence of climate change, rising atmospheric CO2 dissolves into the world’s oceans and causes seawater pH levels to decrease in a phenomenon called ocean acidification. […]

Elisa and Rachel

SIRF Project Blog Post: Elisa Figueras

This experience has proved just as incredible, if not more, than my time in India last summer. As a researcher and not an actual student on the dialogue, I had “significant autonomy” as we jokingly said. Our first week, in Singapore, proved extremely fascinating and thoughtprovoking. Rachel and I are researching perceptions of flooding and […]

Tavish Fenbert

SIRF Project Blog Post: Tavish Fenbert

For my SIRF project, I designed a laboratory experimental setup to determine how quickly a parabolic trough solar concentrator would heat spices inside the solar receiver, a stainless steel tube. I used an electric heater to simulate the heat of the sun and 3/8” diameter wooden spheres as simulated spices with known thermal properties. A […]

Lauren Enright

SIRF Project Blog Post: Lauren Enright

I never thought I would be passionate about research. I always pictured spending hours bent over a lab bench pipetting microliters of liquid between test tubes- an image that appeals to some, but most definitely not me. Why should I spend hours, years even, on a project that could be frustrating, tedious, and most likely […]

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