Day 28: Red Carpet Premiere

Day 28: Red Carpet Premiere

Today was the big day. Red carpet premiere for our documentary occurred at 6:30 PM in Cayambe.

After a day of running around doing last minute errands we were able to enjoy the night as we watched what we had spent almost two weeks of our dialogue on. The morning started off very relaxed for me personally. The edited team wasn’t called until the bus was to depart with the entire group for Cayambe. We were advised to keep our phones on, in case they needed to contact us last minute for any help. The photo team was called at noon to finish preparing the photo albums that were to be given to everyone that helped and was involved in the process. At 4:00 we made the trek to Cayambe to start setting up for the premiere of Tzawar El Penco, our collaborative documentary.


Me and Samia, the Director of APAK.


The flier that was distributed and made by the design team.

We began set up as people started to trickle in. Edison Quishpe brought Miske for everyone to try, and Samia began the night with a brief chat about the project and all those involved. Next we watched a slideshow of pictures of those involved in the production process, which transitioned into the long awaited film. APAK, the audience, and the Northeastern students were able to enjoy our project that we spent so long on.