Editing and Alpacas

Today was our first full day back on the mainland after an incredible week in the Galapagos. We are currently staying at Hacienda San Luis outside of Cayambe. This morning we had an insightful group discussion about our experience in the Galapagos and the postproduction work we will be doing with APAK this week. We spent the rest of the day editing our third video projects. The assignment was to create a two to three minute piece that uses an element of nature as metaphor, drawing mostly on footage taken in the Galapagos. The hacienda is a great work environment with beautiful scenery and lots of animals. There are cats, dogs, alpacas, guinea pigs, horses, and probably more. It was a great opportunity to relax and enjoy our surroundings while also collaborating and drawing on each other’s strengths to create some great work. I can’t wait to see everyone’s videos!