Day 21- Santa Cruz Adventure

I woke up in Santa Cruz for another day of adventures. After breakfast, we decided to walk around on the main street to collect some footage. We walked by this small fish market where some people were cleaning the fish. There were a lot of pelicans and sea lions waiting around to see if they could get some food.


The pelicans were really aggressive. One of them actually tried to attack me – maybe because I’m their size.


Then we met up with the rest of our group to go to the beach. The sand was really soft and all the iguanas were chilling on the beach as well.


In the afternoon, I met up with Jose and Erica to go to Las Grietas. It had a whole new color pallet. The bright orange pink salt against the blue sky made the place look unreal. 13662411_1086805584730303_1507795077_o

At the same time, all of the cactuses gave the land an abandoned aura in which nothing could survive. With the saturated sunlight beating on our backs, we walked to Tortuga Bay. It was the perfect weather to go for a swim in the deep blue water. The water was perfectly lit up by rays of sunshine. It’s a different world under the water.  Every second on the island is a new adventure.