Living Learning Communities

A large part of your college experience will take place in the residence halls and, to make the most out of your first year at Northeastern, you will participate in a Living Learning Community (LLC). An experience for the like-minded, LLCs bring students with similar interests, hobbies, and courses together for support and fun throughout their journey as a young Husky. There’s a community for everyone!


The First Year Experience (FYE) program has been developed to help Northeastern University’s first year students transition into this new and exciting chapter of their lives – college life. Residential Life is dedicated to working with Northeastern students to help them build strong community living environments that support personal development and academic success. These environments provide opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through the Living Learning Community program.

The foundation for the FYE program is held by four pillars: Personal Development, Academic Success, Experiential Learning and Community Development. These pillars are the guiding principles of the programs and resources specific to the needs of first year students. The goal is to help students navigate the University, familiarize them in their first year living away from home, and with life in a new environment. Which LLC is right for you? Take the quiz!

Current First Year students! Join your Living Learning Community's social media page to connect with the rest of the people you will be living with! 

Living Learning Communities

Separately, each word delivers its own distinct meaning and value. Put them together and a Living Learning Community (LLC) is a sum greater than its parts - a vibrant, inviting residential environment that adds immeasurably to your college experience.

Here at Northeastern, our LLCs are welcoming, inspiring homes away from home in which to explore your interests with fellow first-year students. At its most basic, an LLC is a portion of a residence hall where students share a common lifestyle or academic interest. At its utmost, it is a warm, friendly place to share your hopes and dreams - and fulfill them.

When incoming first year students apply for housing, they choose from more than a dozen LLCs to begin their residential experience at Northeastern. Already know your passion is designing robotic systems? Pack your bags for the College of Engineering LLC. Prefer to splash your designs on a canvas? Then the Creative Expressions wing may be the place for you.

At Northeastern, there truly is a taste for every palate. Let's take a closer look at these remarkable places to live.

First Year College Affiliated LLC Options

Bouvé College of Health Sciences
College of Computer & Information Science
Women in the College of Computer & Information Science
College of Engineering
Connections (Women in Engineering)
College of Science
Global Visions (D'Amore-McKim School of Business)

First Year Interdisciplinary LLC Options

NU Journeys (NU Explore Program)
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

First Year Thematic Based LLC Options

Community Service
Creative Expressions
Cultural Inclusion
Healthy Living
Living Green
Musical Motifs


The Residential Life Department knows that the second year of college can be a challenging one, second year students are no longer new to the university and trying to find their way, they are experienced students with a good foundation and understanding of the expectations of college life at Northeastern University. The department and staff of Residential Life are dedicated to helping their second year students continue to navigate the university, provide opportunities for continued academic success and career exploration.

As students move from their first year in college to their second, there are many transitions and expectations that are required of you. You are provided of a lot of support and information on how to succeed and transition into college during your first year living in university housing. It is our mission to continue to provide you with resources and support to build the success throughout your second year.

Northeastern University's  Residential Life Department Second Year Experience (SYE) Program will provide students with an enhanced personal vision through academic and co-curricular exploration, supplementing their experience at Northeastern University and beyond. The SYE Program will build on the foundation of the Department of Residential Life's First Year Experience and Living Learning Communities Programs through continued support and meaningful community interaction.

This second year student centered program provides resources and information to help these students navigate their way through the university and continued life as a college student. Every second year resident will be exposed to programs and resources that match the program pillars of Academic Success, Experiential Learning, Career Exploration and Interdependent Living.

Please use the links to the right of this page for more information and important resources to help you support your academic success, experiential learning, career exploration and interdependent living.

Second Year Thematic Experiential Program  

The Second-Year Thematic Experiential Programs (STEPs) are designed specifically for students in their second year who are looking for new and exciting ways to take the next steps towards exploring their passions and career interests during their time at Northeastern. STEPs are interested based communities to enhance the living experience of Second-Year students. Each STEP will help students to further develop themselves personally and professionally, while living in a community that supports their time at Northeastern. These are student directed communities, which will have guidance and support from Residential Life Staff as well as faculty members. There will be opportunities to collaborate with offices on campus to make connections for events and STEP initiatives. Joining a STEP will allow second-year students to live within a community with other participants who share similar interest and create unique opportunities to enhance their on-campus living experience.

Healthy Living

Do you have a passion for wellness? Do you want to live within a Residence Hall community where health and wellness are encouraged? Do you have ideas for programs and events that would support your wellness goals? Then consider applying to join the Healthy Living Second-Year Thematic Experiential Program!

The Healthy Living STEP will provide second-year students an environment to learn, grow and be healthy in all aspects of their lives. Participants in the Healthy Living STEP will be offered opportunities to learn about the seven dimensions of wellness (social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical) and how each intersects and affects their lives and experiences at Northeastern. Participants will collaborate together to define goals for the STEP and establish ways to keep the community engaged throughout the academic year. The Residence Hall location for the Healthy Living STEP is to be determined.

Civic Engagement/Community Service

Do you enjoy giving back to the community? Are you passionate about finding ways to learn from and engagement with community members both on-campus and off? Do you want to create unique engagement opportunities? Then consider applying to join the NEW Civic Engagement Second-Year Thematic Experiential Program!

The Civic Engagement STEP will provide second year students with opportunities to explore their passion for helping others while learning more about themselves through service and engagement opportunities. In addition, participants in the Civic Engagement STEP may partner with our Community Service Office to broaden their experiences with volunteer events that occur around the greater Boston area. Participants in this STEP will be encouraged to be creative and develop their own service/volunteer projects. The Residence Hall location for the Civic Engagement STEP is to be determined.