Welcome to the Department of Art + Design

The work of artists and designers informs and forms cultures, benefits society, and empowers the global marketplace of ideas. Drawing from a broad range of disciplines and experiential opportunities across the globe, the Department of Art + Design teaches visual fluency in today’s technology-driven world and transforms talented and dedicated students into multidimensional professionals and artists.

Our students hone their artistic abilities and also learn how to channel them into a professional environment, enabling them to create a life out of their passions. Our curriculum is complemented by immersive opportunities to study abroad and gain professional experience, with global programs from Europe to Cuba and an exceptional range of cooperative education (co-op) partners. 


Time Machine Iceland for Summer 1

Tue, Nov 01, 2016 5:15 pm



New professor studies the subtle nature of service

To explain her field of study, Miso Kim tells a story about a bad ser­vice encounter. A few years ago, …
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Working in the lab of Kit Parker has taught graphic designer Brian Fountaine that there is beauty in science. (Photo by Eliza Grinnell/SEAS Communications.)

Brian Fountaine, The art of science

In Harvard summer program, soldier-turned-scholar finds inspiration in research. Brian Fountaine’s (BFA in Graphic Design, AMD’17) sketchpad is filled with …
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Kristian Kloeckl, standing in front of a projection featuring the “City of Peaks” visualization.

Data visualization illustrates the rise and fall of campus energy consumption

Kristian Kloeckl, Design faculty and his graduate students have created two interactive data visualizations that reveal how the bustling activity on …
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