See what all the buzz is about for these bee-​​keeper co-​​ops

Made­line Car­penter and Peter Kilian are on co-​​op at Best Bees Com­pany, where the biology majors have some extra­or­di­nary work­mates: thou­sands and thou­sands of honey bees. Our staff pho­tog­ra­pher joined the stu­dents for a day and offers this behind-​​the-​​scenes look.

A building in Italy following an earthquake in recent years. Photo via iStock.

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Artist's impression of the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri

3Qs: Discovery of Earth-​​like planet suggests ‘we might not be alone’

A newly dis­cov­ered planet called Proxima b is tan­ta­liz­ingly close to Earth and lies within the right dis­tance of its star to sup­port life. For Cor­dula Robinson, asso­ciate teaching pro­fessor in the Geospa­tial Infor­ma­tion Tech­nology pro­gram, the dis­covery sug­gests that “life out­side of our solar system is a pos­si­bility.” Here, she explains why all of us should take note of our nearest inter­stellar neighbor.

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Biological detectives use Big Data to track disease progression

Just as inves­ti­ga­tors use evi­dence to recon­struct crime scenes, North­eastern data sci­en­tist Olga Vitek hunts down and ana­lyzes mol­e­c­ular changes that drive dis­eases to recon­struct their bio­log­ical “crime scenes.” The evi­dence she com­piles in her mas­sive datasets leads to ear­lier diag­noses and more effec­tive treatments.

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Early move-​​in

Jess Unger, SSH’18, center, helps her field hockey team­mates Samantha Bodo, S’20, left, and June Curry-​​Lindahl, DMSB’20, move into West Vil­lage B at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity on Monday. Photo by Matthew Modoono/​Northeastern University

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