Student Opportunity in Environmental Health

Are you interested in learning about how environmental contaminants found in food packaging, drinking water, and everyday household products can impact our health? Do you need practice reading scientific journal articles or want to learn about systematic review?

We are looking for highly motivated and detail-oriented students to join our interdisciplinary team of environmental health researchers working at the intersection of science and policy.

The PFAS Project Lab ( of Northeastern’s Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute is looking for students interested in environmental health to help update the PFAS-Tox Database, an interactive and publicly available systematic evidence map of in vitro, animal, and human studies that are characterized by PFAS and health outcomes. Ideal candidates will be precise and accurate in identifying and extracting specific study details (e.g., number of subjects, dose ranges) from a paper and entering them into a database.

This project will be led by Julia Varshavsky, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health in Northeastern’s Department of Health Sciences and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and will provide opportunities for students to work with partners across the field–from other academic institutions and non-profits like the former The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

This work will support further research on PFAS and health outcomes and may include future opportunities to learn how to conduct systematic reviews using the existing scientific literature. If you are interested, please email with your CV or resume.

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