The PFAS Lab studies children’s immunotoxicity, water guidelines and regulations, other government policy, community response and organization, and health professionals’ knowledge and practice. It is funded by NSF grants, and a foundation grant. It organized major international conferences in 2017 and 2019 (2021 currently being planned) with NIEHS conference grants, bringing together all stakeholders in this complex and growing area.


Lead by SSEHRI Director, Phil Brown, Northeastern University

  • Alissa Cordner, Associate Prof. of Sociology, Whitman College
  • Martha Powers, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Northeastern
  • Rosie Mueller, Assistant Prof. of Economics, Whitman College
  • Jennie Ohayon, Research Scientist, Silent Spring Institute
  • Lauren Richter, Assistant Prof. of Environmental Studies, RISD
  • Grace Poudrier, Sociology PhD Student, Northeastern
  • Elicia Cousins, Sociology PhD Student, Northeastern
  • Avery Rosenbloom, Sociology PhD Student, Northeastern
  • Cole Alder, Research Assistant, Northeastern
  • Marina Atlas, MPH Candidate, Northeastern
  • Helena Zindel, Undergrad RA, Whitman College
  • Ricky Salvator, Undergrad Co-Op, Northeastern
  • Isabella Raponi, Undergrad Co-Op, Northeastern

Updates and Resources

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