The Transdisciplinary Training at the Intersection of Environmental Health and Social Science is a T32 Training Grant funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIESH). It’s led by SSEHRI Director, Prof. Phil Brown at Northeastern University and Julia Brody, the Executive Director at Silent Spring Institute (SSI).

Dr. Jennie Ohayon (second from left) and Dr. Kristin Knox (far left) from Silent Spring Institute, presenting on environmental legislation evaluation strategies. Photo credit: Elicia Cousins, PhD student at Northeastern and former T32 trainee.

As part of this program, current and affiliated students and researchers meet bi-monthly for professional development seminars, presentations on relevant research topics, and discussions about their current projects.

This December Dr. Jennie Ohayon (a former T32 postdoc, currently at SSI) and Dr. Kristin Knox (SSI) gave a presentation to the T32 group titled, “Strategies for evaluating the impacts of a major piece of environmental legislation: What we’ve learned from studying Proposition 65.”

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