Additional reading and current events on AI/ML, human and environmental health research, and social justice.

NIH Launches Bridge2AI Program to Expand the use of AI in Biomedical and Behavioral Research

Updated October 2022

“The National Institutes of Health will invest $130 million over four years, pending the availability of funds, to accelerate the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the biomedical and behavioral research communities. The NIH Common Fund’s Bridge to Artificial Intelligence (Bridge2AI) program is assembling team members from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to generate tools, resources, and richly detailed data that are responsive to AI approaches. At the same time, the program will ensure its tools and data do not perpetuate inequities or ethical problems that may occur during data collection and analysis.” See full article here.

US Artificial Intelligence Bill of Rights

Updated October 2022
The White House: Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (10/4/2022)
The Associated Press: White House unveils artificial intelligence ‘bill of rights’ (10/4/2022)
Wired: Biden’s AI Bill of Rights is Toothless Against Big Tech (10/4/2022)

National Science Foundation’s Open Knowledge Network Roadmap

Updated September 2022

The NSF’s Open Knowledge Network Roadmap report “outlines a strategy for establishing an open and accessible national resource to power 21st century data science and next-generation artificial intelligence. Establishing such a knowledge infrastructure would integrate the diverse data needed to sustain strong economic growth, expand opportunities to engage in data analysis, and address complex national challenges such as climate change, misinformation, disruptions from pandemics, economic equity and diversity.”(1)