The DREAM Program

The DREAM Program builds communities of families and college students that empower youth from affordable housing neighborhoods to recognize their options, make informed decisions, and achieve their dreams. As program volunteers, we work alongside DREAM Administration to promote effective mentorship practices and provide feedback on program progress and goals. Work is primarily focused on implementation and analysis of student surveys and direct work with program mentors.

Service Project Details:

We are looking for students to join our team as we begin to offer more specialized responses to each individual DREAM student. Our goals this year are to train student mentors on administering surveys, improve on our response template from last year to allow for more specialized responses, and eventually work together to create an automated analysis for surveys. The second half of the year will be spent improving on our process, researching effective mentorship methods and determining the best ways to implement suggestions across multiple DREAM sites.

Job Description:

Number of Students: 3-4

Skills: We’re looking for students interested in phone or web app development, those interested in mentor-mentee relationships, counseling, education, or are interested in applying analytical methods to theoretical ideas in student development.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours a week*

* Commitment will be flexible starting in the spring. Students can expect to gain about 60 hours from this project, but can increase workload if desired. In addition, parts of this project can be done off-campus. If you plan on traveling for study abroad or co-op, this project should offer the ability for you to participate remotely.

Timeline and Commitment Details:

Spring Semester – Work together to create a more streamlined survey-response process. Likely through the development of a web-app. Additional program curricula work as needed.

Service Location: 

Varied. Generally, on campus with trips to the greater Boston area.

Team Leader:

Amina Ly